iPad Air 2 – Now in Egypt

After the release of iPhone 6, Apple users have become more enthusiastic about the tablet the new iPad which should be released later this month. There are a lot of rumors about the new generation of iPad, about its design, specs, added features and users are mainly wondering about the big difference that will differentiate between the new iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air! Will it come with a bigger display like what happened with iPhone 6, will it include the new Touch ID?! Many and many questions without specific answer till now. The confusion should be ended by the iPad Air 2 release date which is decided to be in October 2014. Let’s have below a quick look at the iPad Air 2 specs.

iPad Air 2 Design

The new iPad Air 2 features an 18% thinner body than the older version, it is much lighter and thinner which makes it fit into the hand smoothly. The new iPad Air 2 weight is 0.96 pounds so you will never get tired of holding it. All the new features and capabilities inserted into the new iPad generation makes it so hard for you to put it down.

iPad Air 2 display is as big as the previous generation of this series– 9.7 inch – the difference between them lies in the redesigning of the retina display made by Apple developers. iPad Air 2 retina display is much thinner, as the developers have worked on merging the 3 layers of the original retina display into one; which not only made the screen thinner , but also resulted in greater contrast and more vivid colours.

Do it all!

Reviews of iPad Air 2, states that the tablet is much more powerful than the previous generation thanks to the newly integrated chip A8X that was designed specifically to boost the tablet graphic and CPU performance. Not only being powerful, but also power efficient this new tablet grants you up to 10 hours of continual usage; so you could achieve all your tasks quickly and effortlessly, and you will always be connected.

Security at your finger-print

The new iPad comes with Apple breakthrough technology “Touch ID”, it provides you with limitless security and protection. You are the only one who can access your iPad no hacker in this world can break such powerful password, because its nature most powerful one. The “Touch ID” function goes beyond just providing ultimate security to your tablet; it also enables you to purchase whatever you want from the App store, iBooks and iTunes safely. General talking it makes your life way safer and easier.

Better Cameras, Better Memories

This great tablet comes with the amazing iSight camera that makes your photos look incredible. You won’t be able to differentiate between reality & images thanks to the improved sensor, Apple image single-processor in addition to the advanced optics integrated into the new iPad camera. Moreover, the new iPad front facing HD camera adds value to your video and conference calls, and makes all your selfies look brilliant.

The tablet’s wifi is way faster than its preceding, so you won’t have to wait anymore to watch a movie or a video; as streaming and downloading have become much easier and faster processes with this wonderful tablet.

The tablet comes with two different models – Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi only version & iPad Air 2 4G & Wi-Fi version – each version has its own privileges. Though iPad Air 2 reviews in Egypt indicates that users feels more comfortable with the 4G version as it does not limit their connectivity; they are always connected wherever they are.

Developers have worked on customized apps for your new iPad tablet, so you can find on the App store different apps that meet your daily routine activity and that are compatible with your larger retina display at the same time. So, you can work and entertain at the same time.

iPad Air 2 Specifications & Reviews

The tablet’s previously mentioned specs made its reviews way better and more positive than one could have expected. Yet, there are still some concerns about the new iPad Air 2 price in Egypt & all the eastern countries. But as we see the iPad Air 2 price in the US is not that high, rather it comes with the same price point as it is preceding the thing that comforts Apple users a little. Many are looking to buy iPad Air 2 online, because of the amazing prices and offers available on many websites. Also, you can find more of iPad Air 2 accessories on many online & offline stores so you can keep your tablet protected since day one. iPad Air 2 is available with different capacities & colors: iPad Air 2 wifi 16GB, 32Gb & 64GB; Silver & Black.