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Brand‎:‎ No


1‎.‎Shoe Type‎:‎ Sport
2‎.‎Gender‎:‎ Unisex
3‎.‎Season‎:‎ Winter‎,‎ Autumn
4‎.‎Occasion‎:‎ Casual‎,‎Outdoor
5‎.‎Toe‎:‎ Round Toe
6‎.‎Closure Type‎:‎ Lace‎-Up
7‎.‎Heel Height‎:‎ About 4cm
8‎.‎Color‎:‎ Gray‎,‎ Blue‎,‎ Brown‎,‎Army Green

Upper Material‎:‎Mesh&Suede
Outsole Material‎:‎ Rubber

Size Chart‎:‎
Women’s Size Chart
AUFeet LengthMMInches363652.5363‎.‎5‎(‎223‎-228‎)‎‎(‎‎-8.6‎-8.8‎)‎373763.5374‎.‎5‎(‎228‎-233‎)‎‎(‎8.8”‎-9.0”‎)‎383874.5385‎.‎5‎(‎233‎-238‎)‎‎(‎9.0”‎-9.2”‎)‎393985.5396‎.‎5‎(‎238‎-243‎)‎‎(‎9.2”‎-9.4”‎)‎404096.5407‎.‎5‎(‎243‎-248‎)‎‎(‎9.4”‎-9.6”‎)‎Men’s Shoes Chart414187417.5‎(‎251‎-255‎)‎‎(‎9.9‎-10.0‎)‎42428.57‎.‎5428‎(‎256‎-260‎)‎‎(‎10.1‎-10.2‎)‎434398438.5‎(‎261‎-265‎)‎‎(‎10.3‎-10.4‎)‎4444108.5449‎(‎266‎-270‎)‎‎(‎10.5‎-10.6‎)‎454510.59459‎.‎5‎(‎270‎-275‎)‎‎(‎10.7‎-10.8‎)‎4646119.54610‎(‎276‎-280‎)‎‎(‎10.9‎-11.0‎)‎474711.5104710‎.‎5‎(‎281‎-285‎)‎‎(‎11.1‎-11.2‎)‎48481210.54811‎(‎286‎-290‎)‎‎(‎11.3‎-11.4‎)‎SIZE EXPLIAN ‎(‎Required‎)‎‎:‎
1‎.‎These sizes are based on the CN /EUR size‎,‎you can also according your US/UK/AU size or your feet length
to choose theCN/EUR size to make your order‎.‎
2‎.‎Please according your feet length to choose your suitable size‎.‎
3‎.‎Please place your order in US size ‎,‎however the tags inside the shoes may show in CN/EUR size‎.‎
4‎.‎Some tags inside shoes showing a UK or US size may be different with our size chart‎,‎please base on our size chart‎.‎
5‎.‎The size of these shoes are smaller than ordinary‎,‎ we suggest buying a bigger one size‎.‎

Package included‎:‎
1*pair of shoes‎(‎without box‎)‎

Product Details‎:‎

Disclaimer ‎:‎
About Size‎:‎You’d better according your feet length to choose the corresponding size instead of size your usually wear‎,‎ as each
company has his own defined size chart‎,‎ which may be different with others‎.‎ Please take your own measurements and choose
your size accordingly ‎.‎ we cannot accept responsibility for incorrect purchases‎.‎
About Color‎:‎The precise color of the items may vary depending on the specific monitor‎,‎the settings and the lighting conditions‎.‎
The items colors depicted should only be used as an approximate guide‎.‎
About Smell‎:‎ The Shoes may have smell because of glue‎,‎ shoe polish‎,‎ and completely sealed during transportation‎.‎ Please put
them in a place with good ventilation for several days‎.‎
About Review‎:‎Hope you enjoy shopping‎.‎ If you had something unsatisfied‎,‎ We will resolve the issues immediately‎.‎Please give us the opportunity to resolve any problem‎.‎ If you are satisfied with our service‎,‎ please leave us a 5 star positive feedback‎.‎ Your recognition will make us more confident to develop business and serve you better‎.‎

How to choose your size‎:‎
1‎.‎Keep your center of gravity over the point where your foots are parallel‎.‎
2‎.‎The unit of our chart is millimeter‎.‎If your left foots is different with the right one‎,‎ you should choose the size according to the bigger foot‎.‎
3‎.‎The deviation may happen if you use incorrect method‎.‎
4‎.‎If your instep and your foot type are bigger than ordinary‎,‎ you ‘d better choose a larger size‎.‎ Otherwise‎,‎ you should choose a small one‎.‎

Watermelon Red
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  • Type‎:‎Medium
  • New and high quality
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Suitable for picture‎,‎ photo ‎,‎cross stitch frame
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