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  • Mens womens Teens studuents Athletic Soccer Shoes outdoor Football Cleats Sneaker Shoes
  • Rubber sole ‎,‎Light‎-footed Control ‎:‎Premium leather in the upper and a knit ankle provide unique comfort‎.‎

    Enhanced Fit‎:‎A heel lining in your soccer shoes that provides a locked‎-in fit with its secure grip‎.‎ Power and Stability‎:‎ A

    soccer cleats with an ultralight outsole build for dynamic push off support
  • Comfort and high performance ‎- Superior material provides consistent ball control in both wet and dry

    conditions‎,‎High performance molded design with cushioning for great in‎-shoe comfort and fit at all times‎.‎
  • Shock and stylish vamp design‎,‎ high‎-quality and high‎-tech shoes let you enjoy indoor&outdoor causal soccer

    sports as well as daily wear‎.‎
  • Fit for high‎-intensity exercise‎,‎Great for play on artificial grass surfaces‎.‎Well wrapped heel‎,‎ reinforced

    support system‎,‎ make the movement more flexible and stable‎,‎ reduce the loss of strength‎.‎
  • Please follow the size guide according to the insole length if you are not sure how to choose the size‎.‎
  • Strong and durable with anti‎-stretch lining‎,‎ comfort and traction
  • Light weight‎,‎ soft and comfortable design‎,‎Cushioned insole for added comfort
  • Rubber molded cleats with Rotational Traction configuration‎,‎Unique graphics on a shiny durable synthetic

  • A Great And Comfortable Design This sneaker features an extremely lightweight design‎,‎ as well as strong grip

    out sole for easy movement and traction on the field‎.‎
  • Unique graphics on a shiny durable synthetic upper
  • Padded heel and collar lining for added comfort
  • Engineered for the attacking goalscorer‎,‎ the A leader Kids football boots offers maximum agility and barefoot‎-

    like touch on the ball‎.‎ The dynamic fit collar fits over the ankle for a sock‎-like feel‎,‎ and integrated fly wire cables

    lock the foot in place‎.‎ A revolutionary textured upper with all conditions control technology helps you grip the ball for

    optimal control in both wet or dry weather‎.‎

  • Style‎:‎ Outdoor leisure
  • Shoes function‎:‎ breathable
  • A must‎-have for summer
  • Hello my dear friend‎!‎
  • Durable and flexible‎:‎ the stripe pattern on the sole is designed to be non‎-slip and flexible‎.‎ Our shower slippers are very soft and flexible‎,‎ designed to fit your feet perfectly‎,‎ allowing you to enjoy the comfort of these slippers for a long time‎.‎
  • Suitable for all seasons‎,‎ indoor bedrooms‎,‎ bathrooms‎,‎ living rooms‎,‎ spas‎,‎ gyms‎,‎ swimming pools‎,‎ beaches‎,‎ vacations‎,‎ leisure‎,‎ public showers‎,‎ steam rooms‎,‎ dormitories‎,‎ camps‎,‎ swimming pools‎,‎ changing rooms‎.‎

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