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Mothercare كارديغان محبوكة مع طبعة أزهار

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Born from humble beginnings in the UK in 1961, Mothercare was founded with a simple, clear goal in mind; to provide everything for the mother-to-be and her baby. Proud of their British heritage but driven to help more families around the world, Mothercare has grown into a global business with over 700 stores across more than 30 markets. As a notable specialist retailer with decades’ worth of experience in all things baby related, they are passionate about helping parents and children create their life story.

From those first nappy changes and sleepless nights to playtime at home and adventures on-the-go, Mothercare offers support for every step of the parenting journey. What started as a small range of baby and children’s clothing now extends to nursery essentials, pushchairs and car seats, maternity must-haves, toys and more. Designing with families in mind, they also partner with well-known brands to offer innovative and purposeful products that are underpinned by safety and quality, making parenting easier and keeping children happy too.

But helping parents isn’t just about the products. Drawing on years of experience and a network of trusted experts, Mothercare offer advice and guidance for the milestone moments and difficult days, for hospital bags and back-to-school checklists, for all the questions mums and dads have. Combined with an ever-growing range of products that meet customers’ need, they are the go-to brand for all things parenting.


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  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Item Description :The loveliest layer for chilly days! Made from natural cotton knit so it feels huggably soft, this pretty cardigan with beautiful embroidery and frills is simply fastened with buttons.
  • Gender:Girls


  • الموديل: ZB837
  • اللون: MULTI
  • الخامه الرئيسية: 100% Cotton

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Mothercare كارديغان محبوكة مع طبعة أزهار

Mothercare كارديغان محبوكة مع طبعة أزهار

جنيه 445.00
جنيه 685.0035%
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