Jumia Black Friday Will be the Biggest Yet

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First thing’s first, when is Black Friday, or even, what is Black Friday? Black Friday originally started in the US and it’s the day after thanksgiving, right after the fourth Thursday of November, which indicates the start of the Christmas shopping for all Americans. Why is it called Black Friday? It's because in early 1980s, retailers suffered financial loss all year around and made the most profit only during the holiday season, starting on the day after Thanksgiving. The term 'Black' in this case, was derived from the black ink in which retailers would use in their financial records to show positive amounts, as opposed to the red ink that shows negative amounts. Since the profits that would be written in black started on that day (Friday), it was the beginning of when retailers called it Black Friday which essentially would mean profit Friday.

The start of Black Friday Egypt was introduced by non-other than Jumia Egypt. Egypt had only known of season sales and discounts, but Jumia Egypt changed the game, entirely. Since 2014, Black Friday has been a big deal in Egypt, beginning with only one day, we have now been able to extend Black Friday to an entire month! Black Friday deals have been the biggest deals to ever be published on Jumia Egypt which is why the website would have 5 times the usual trafficking on Friday alone!

Jumia offers hot deals and discounts as well as daily deals such as flash sale which is known to last an hour before the second flash sale goes live. You can find Black Friday 2018 offers on all of our categories, so whatever kind of product or item you’re looking to buy, you’re sure to get an amazing price for it. The Black Friday date in Jumia Egypt starts in early November and ends in December, so you have enough time to buy all the products you need.

Discover Jumia Egypt’s Black Friday Celebration

Jumia Black Friday 2018 deals come in many forms and shapes. Starting from things as simple as mobile accessories to home appliances such as an air conditioner or TV, you will find the best deals and even coupons to use while shopping. Our categories include fashion for men, women and kids, electronics, grocery store, cosmetics and even sports equipment and school supply! Basically, anything you can think of to buy in your basic store, you will be able to find it online at Jumia Egypt and with Black Friday 2018, you will be getting your hands on all your favorite products at the cheapest prices in all of Egypt!

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Jumia online shopping is the biggest e-commerce platform in Egypt and with Black Friday shopping in the picture, Jumia Egypt will not be disappointing its customers. Start discovering our wide catalogs and categories and shop for whatever product you need from Black Friday offers. Looking for a new camera, for example? Or maybe even a mobile or laptop, get the best discounts on all electronics. Also, for your home, you can get yourself a new dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or even fridge from our collection at massive discounts. Clothing and footwear are an essential, so start shopping for women clothes or men clothes online at the lowest prices in Egypt from all your favorite brands.

When it’s time for Black Friday 2018, Jumia Egypt is the place to be. Stay tuned for every offer and every discount that will be held at Jumia Egypt for Black Friday.