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Blusher is a main item in every woman’s makeup kit; it is how you add a beautiful shy glow to your face. Choosing the right blush might be a challenge for many women, with many beautiful shades out there you have to find the color that is perfect for your skin tone and your complexion. What is more, sometimes women feel overwhelmed at the brands and colors of blushers. That is why you should know some blusher tips to know exactly how to buy a blusher. A blusher or bronzer is meant to give you a natural subtle look. Too much of a blusher brush would make you look weird and clownish

Skin tone & Blusher makeup

Your skin tone is the key to buying the right blusher makeup shade. There are three main skin tones; fair skin tone, dark skin tone and medium skin tone. In addition, you should have two or more blusher colours in your makeup kit. These colours should be peach, pink and bronze and you should pick the shade that is suitable for you and the occasion to which you are going. Blusher and highlighter have gone long way during the past few year now we have compact blusher and wet blusher powder, each of these types have their purpose. For example wet powder is used with heavy makeup because it lasts longer than regular blusher. Blusher and highlighters will always be part of our makeup kit that is why some women choose to buy blusher online especially if they know their favorite brand and color. M.A.C cosmetics and Bourjois are among the best brands that make blushers would make you blush and bloom beautifully. You can even read different blusher reviews to know the best blusher in the market.