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Concealers are considered essentials in every makeup kit, they can brighten up your face and give you and even toned complexion. They are also great to get rid of sunspots, freckles and under eye circles. What is more, concealers come in various shapes and colors to suit different skin tones so you should know your skin first to the best concealer for you. If you are trying to cover up acne you should choose a yellow or green concealer, it will counteract the red color of the acne and give you a natural look. You can use a pencil concealer for covering acne as it is easier to apply it on the edges of the acne. On the other hand, if you want cover black circles under your eyes you should go for a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Also you should use an eye concealer brush to cover the under eyes circles. Make sure to start from the inside corner of your eyes to the outer corner. You should also test the concealer on your face before buying them so you could have the exact color match. Most women test concealers on their hands and that is wrong since your face skin tone and your hands skin tone differ. Make sure to wash your face from any makeup residue before applying the concealer. The best and most well-known concealers in Egypt are M.A.C, Maybelline and Clinique.