Enjoy your life from a new concept with Inspiron 15R

As usual Dell developers always do their best to satisfy the users’ needs and meet their expectations. With the new Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 laptop, your life is about to change in a good way. Dell N5110 enables you to stay connected, entertain, work and have fun anywhere anytime. Coming with advanced features and specifications, this new device is a dream coming true. Being highly portable and featuring a large 15.6” screen; the device is exactly what you have been waiting for.

Unique Design

Dell developers have been doing their best to provide you with the best user experience, not only in terms of performance but also in terms of look. As a result, they introduced this new laptop Dell Inspiron N5100 with its interchangeable lid – which enables you to change and customize your laptop appearance - .

Take your favorite shows with you wherever you GO!

Whether being home or out, your Dell Inspiron 15 is created to be your own entertainment center. Thanks to Dell Stage software, the things you need are always reachable; as you can easily share images, listen to your favorite tracks and always be in contact with your beloved ones. Not only you will be able to watch movies and display pictures anywhere anytime, but you will be able to watch them with their highest quality ever. Thanks to the Dell Inspiron i5 WLED HD+ (720 pixels) display, you will be able to bring your photos and videos to life. Also, the Dell core i5 helps to decrease the spaces between you and your beloved ones, as you can hold a crystal clear video call with them anytime thanks to the device’s High definition webcam. Moreover, you can connect to the internet wirelessly anywhere you are, due to the integrated Wi-Fi 801.11n.

One of the most advanced specifications of Dell Inspiron N5110 specs is its “Intel WiDi”. Such feature enables you to share the pleasure of watching a movie or playing a game with your family and friends. All what is required is to have a TV that supports Wi-Fi; and then enjoy hours of unstoppable entertainment.

Powerful Performance, Power Efficient!

Dell Inspiron i7 is designed to satisfy your daily computing needs; starting from the normal things like watching movies or playing games till the more complicated tasks which include high graphics performance. Powered by Windows 7 Home Premium, in addition to supporting i7 processor; Dell Inspiron 15 is superfast & efficient. The new Dell Inspiron R are known of their longer life battery span, as the devices support high graphics performance to cope with the applications which support intensive graphics like 3D movies and video games, but whenever you need less power the device switches automatically to an integrated card that delivers more performance while functioning on a single battery charge.

Dell Inspiron N5110 drivers are known of their large capacity which accommodates as many files and document as you desire to save.

User’s Reviews and Comments

One of the most important factors in evaluating any newly released device in the user experience which become clear in the users’ reviews. Dell Inspiron N5110 reviews have been of so much help to the developers when they started working on the next model, they have tried to avoid all the defects that dissatisfied the users. But still Dell Inspiron N5110 specifications are considered great in comparison to its price.

While Dell Inspiron N5110 price in Egypt is very affordable and there are a lot of users are looking for this specific model to buy it, yet the company has stopped manufacturing it offering us more alternative models that nearly have the same specs as Dell Inspiron N5110 specs and features. Shop online on Jumia now and choose from our wide variety of Dell Laptops.