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Change Your Look with the Right Eyeliner

Changing your eye makeup is just like changing your outfit every day, you shouldn't go for one eye makeup for all occasions because that would not make you different and different is what we want. Each occasion has its own unique eye makeup and eyeliners are an essential thing to make your eyes look different and attractive. There are many eyeliner types and eyeliner styles such as, liquid, gel and waterproof eyeliners. Liquid eyeliners are great for daily use because they are easy to apply, however you have to make sure that you have waterproof eyeliner so it would last all day long. What is more gel eyeliner is great for special occasions such as weddings and parties. In these events you are likely to cry that is why you need a gel eyeliner in order to avoid smudges. There are also eyeliners for wide eyes, eyeliners for round eyes and eyeliner for almond and brown eyes. Usually women ask about the best eyeliner, well from my modest experience I’m telling you that there are no such thing. There are many great eyeliner brands and you have to choose the type that suits your needs. Bourjois, Rimmel and Maybelline are among the most trusted brands in that field, they make beautiful eyeliners that could be worn everywhere. It is also worth mentioning that many women go for white eyeliner, it has actually become a trend just as glitter eyeliner and eyeliner tattoo. Some also choose to buy permanent eyeliner, however not many women choose it as it might be harmful to your eyes. Cream eyeliners are also very popular since they could be applied and removed easily; cream eyeliners are now used instead of many types of eyeliner that were once claimed to be the best liquid eyeliners. So you can choose between cake eyeliners, waterproof liquid eyeliners, eyeliner pencils or tattoo eyeliners and get the type that is suitable for your daily activity. Moreover, waterproof eyeliner pencils are a must in every makeup kit, some would go for semi-permanent eyeliner and kohl eyeliners instead, and whatever you choose you have to make sure that you buy high quality eyeliner. You can also buy many colors of eyeliners such as purple and blue eyeliners.