Winter is Knocking on the Door

Some people really like winter and others don’t, no matter what is your stance, you can’t deny the fresh weather makes Winter so special & beautiful. Winter is the season of rains, rainbows, family time, hot chocolate, and warm clothes. Egypt’s winter season has never been that cold before and the most effective way to stay warm is to layer & layer, but NEVER sacrifice your style.

Stay Warm .. Stay Stylish

Layer up .. layer up without bulking up. It’s really important for gentlemen & ladies to always stay in style, so you gotta stay warm & fashionable. Clothes made of wool are the first to come to your mind when you’re getting ready for winter fashion because of its ability to moisture & low price. Its only disadvantage is that it can be very itchy when touching the skin directly. Fleece or pile fabrics are also very good, but they should be used with more layers. Moreover, feathers are awesome unless they get wet. Mohair & fur give you the luxurious/classy look. Also, don’t forget the gloves, they are perfect to keep your hands warm.

Jumia Fashion Sale

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