HTC One M8: New Experience, New Life

Lately, there have been a lot of companies that entered the world of smartphones manufacturing, at first they were imitating then they have been leading the market. HTC is one of those companies; HTC mobiles become able to compete with the smartphones sharks “Apple, Samsung and Sony” in a short period. Lately, HTC developers have been working on two of HTC mobiles’ series which are meant to make a leap into the smartphone’s world – HTC One & HTC Desire-. And the HTC mobile we are going to talk about hereby is “mobile HTC One M8”. Let’s have a look below at some of HTC One M8 specs that were developed especially for YOU!

Outstanding Design

Comparing HTC one vs HTC One M8, you can find that developers have made a huge progress when it comes to the mobile’s outer design. This mobile case features brushed and bold metal design, which grants the mobile elegancy and glory. Though coming with a 5” display, the mobile is very slim and fits into one’s hand effortlessly. You won’t find any difficulties to hold your HTC 1 M8 with one hand. Actually, your HTC One M8 dual SIM will substitute any other devices at your home. It will enable you achieve urgent tasks immediately thanks to its big screen and advanced features. Not only being good at work, but also being the best when it comes to entertainment; HTC One M8 apps provide you with the best gaming and entertainment experience ever. Seriously, you have to get yourself ONE!

Amazing Camera

Looking at HTC One M8 camera, you can notice the developers’ hard work in developing and improving the HTC mobile camera specs. Finally, all your night parties and events will be memorized as you always wanted them to be thanks to the new camera. Coming with Dual 4 MP with Ultra pixel technology camera, your HTC M8 2014 enables you to capture the clearest pictures ever at low light conditions. Moreover, the newly added camera feature “Panorama” enables you to get a whole view picture only with one click. In addition to many other camera features, that made of photo shooting experience full of fun and amusement. Own one of M8 HTC mobiles and experience the fun in your own way.

Extraordinary Performance

Built-in with Quad-core processor the HTC One M8 features one of the powerful smartphones in the market. Comparing HTC One M8 vs iPhone 5S, or HTC One M8 vs Note 3; you can find that the M8 is one of the fastest phones. No more lag while browsing the internet, or missing an imp phone call just because someone else thought of saying hi now..etc. With HTC One M8 2014 you can get it all and more.

By checking HTC One M8 reviews we can find many users expressing their satisfaction regarding the mobile’s overall performance “Now, I do not have to worry anymore about missing an important meeting or being out of reach when I am outside the office, thanks to my new HTC M8 One. I can get all the work done from my mobile”; said one of the user. Also, many have commented about the HTC One M8 price in Egypt, and said that it is affordable for all users.

Here, we have mentioned above the of HTC One M8 gsmarena specifications. Shop online and enjoy our best offers of HTC One M8 accessories. Now you can buy HTC One M8 online on Jumia Egypt and enjoy this powerful phone