Super Fast Delivery

Need a last minute gift?
Can't get out of the house?
Realise you forgot to pick up something?

With Jumia First, your shopping problems are solved.
Jumia First orders get 1-day delivery on thousands of items

If you choose consolidation at checkout, for an order with both
Jumia First and non Jumia First items, the delivery time will be
that of the non Jumia First item.

*2 day delivery for the following areas: Warraq, Badrashin, Al Ayat,
Imbaba, Al Nobariah, Al Saf, Harania, Al Barageel, Aossim, Saqeel,
Al Manashi, AL Kom Al Ahmer, Berak Alkiaam, Nahai Elbalad, Al Matareya,
Tebin, Moustorod, Saqara, Al Sawah, Mansoureya, Mansheyet Naser,
Amiria and Ezbt Elhagana.