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Lipsticks, The Essence of Women Beauty

Red lips are the essence of every female; they give women an attractive wild look that reflects its inner character. Even though lipsticks are essentials in every makeup kit, not many women know how to choose the right lipstick choose the right lipstick color. And to find the perfect lipstick for you try to choose the colors that goes well with your skin tone. For example; if you have a white skin you should go for red lipstick and if you have a cool skin you should go for purple or pink lipstick. And you should always have a nude lipstick to apply if you are going out in the day light. Also make sure that you choose a lipstick color that is close to your natural skin tone because if you buy a brighter color you dull you skin color. If you like funky colors you could go for matte lipstick or orange lipstick, however, you should be very careful with these colors and add some blusher to lighten up your complexion.

There is no perfect lipstick !!

You should know that there is no such a thing as the perfect lipstick; the best lipstick is the one that looks good on you. At the same time you should buy lipsticks from trusted brands. Maybelline lipsticks, Bourjois lipsticks and M.A.C lipstick are among the most popular lipsticks in Egypt and all over the world. Also, you can buy from Rimmel or Revlon and enjoy the different colors and shades made buy these incredible brands.