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There are many types of mascaras and based on their types mascaras differ in their compositions. These types include; volumizing mascara, lengthening mascaras, curling mascaras and more. That is why choosing the right type of mascara for you could be overwhelming, but you don’t have to know everything to buy the best mascara you just need to know the basics. There are two main types of mascara when it comes to compositions, waterproof and non-waterproof mascara and the best waterproof mascaras are made by Rimmel London. In the matter of fact Rimmel London make the best mascaras and are very popular all over the world. White mascaras or clear mascaras that are made by Bourjois are also very popular; many women around the world trust this amazing brand. What is more, mascaras also come in different colors to suit your different out fits for example; there are blue, green, purple and brown mascaras. Even though black mascaras are still best sellers, the new colors of mascaras have added to the trends of eye makeup. Just make sure when applying blue or green mascara that you are wearing the right makeup. Moreover, there are different categories of mascaras for example natural or organic mascaras, hypoallergenic mascaras and permanent mascaras. Even though they are not among the basic categories of mascaras, they are very popular among stars and famous people. In the matter of facts many actresses promote for famous mascara brands such as Bourjois, Rimmel London and M.A.C. So if you are searching for the best volumizing, lengthening or curling mascara all you have to do is to shop online on Jumia Egypt for the best mascaras in Egypt. You will also be able to buy oil free mascaras and fiber mascaras made by top makeup brands in the world. L’Oreal and Max Factor mascaras are among the most bought mascaras on Jumia.