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Huawei Mobiles in Egypt

Huawei is the world’s leader of Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T.) solutions. Since in Huawei customers’ satisfaction comes at the first place, they are committed to provide the best user experience, always enhance the product’s quality and create the best value for consumers, telecom carriers and enterprises. Founded in 1987, Huawei’s work has been focused on manufacturing phone switches. In 1997, the Chinese company – Huawei - has started manufacturing mobile phones. And in 2012, Huawei has succeeded in overtaking Ericsson in the networking field. Finally, in 2013 Huawei has managed to enter the worldly competition of smartphones, being able to compete with the world’s biggest brands and overtake some of them.

Huawei Mobile Phones

Huawei mobile in Egypt are acknowledged of their smart designs, durability, advanced specs and affordable prices. Being a new brand in the market would have made a lot of consumers hesitated about trying any of its new devices, especially if there are other well-known big brands in the market offering the same services. Yet, thanks to its reasonable prices and well-developed features, Huawei phones are one of the most-purchased smartphones in the Mena. Offering a wide selection of mobile phones starting from the low cost smartphones till the very advanced ones, Huawei phones in Egypt are getting more exposure. At our Huawei mobile shop on Jumia we offer you the best-selling models of Huawei mobiles including: Y511, G610, G700 and P7. Below we shall have an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Huawei Mobile Y511:

coming with 4.5 inch HD display, the Ascend Y511 provides you with a portable cinematic experience anywhere anytime. Immerse yourself in your own cinematic world, and stay away from the noisy world outside. According to most of the users the mobile Huawei performance is very good due to the powerful processor and efficient battery performance, the thing that grants comfortability to most of the users while working on this phone.

Huawei Mobile G610:

unlike the previous model, this model features a bigger screen 5”, a faster processor Quad-core one, supports DLNA sharing and dual SIM function. The DLNA sharing function enables you to share your mobile screen with a big number for more convenient watching experience. The Huawei dual SIM mobile allows you to keep your personal life separated from your business one. This Huawei mobile price is very affordable compared to the specs integrated into it, the thing that helped boosting the sales of this mobile in the market.

Huawei Mobile G700:

what distinguishes this mobile phone from the previously mentioned ones is its IPS 5” screen which brings more true-to-life image. So you can watch your favorite movies and videos, in addition to playing games on your phone anytime anywhere. Dual SIM functionality, higher processor speed in addition to the amazing camera quality boosts the user experience to the utmost. You should also take into consideration that Huawei mobile wifi connection is very strong.

Huawei Mobile P7:

The cream de la cream! Huawei Ascend P7 comes with very advanced features which make each user dreams come true including: unique design, enhanced front camera, powerful and power efficient, in addition to the larger bright display. Unlike all the previous models that featured a metallic design, this phone Huawei Egypt mobile comes with a glassy back design and still weighs lighter than the others. The 8 MP front camera adds much value to this Huawei mobile Egypt; all your selfies and group pictures will simply look gorgeous. Featuring a powerful processor, doesn’t have to contradict with supporting a battery with longer life span! Huawei developers have realized such fact, and provided you with a mobile that is superfast and saves much power at the same time.

Huawei in Egypt

The thing that distinguish Huawei mobiles in Egypt over the other Chinese brands are the quality and the price. Users used to believe in the fact that the lower the price is, the worse the quality becomes. Yet, this is not the case with Huawei mobile prices in Egypt. Huawei has managed to provide its users with all the features and specifications they may need in a mobile phone that comes at a very reasonable price. Huawei price in Egypt is very affordable, so now you can go to Jumia and get your own Huawei smartphone with the best price ever.