Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 in Egypt

Samsung developers always work their best to deliver the most amazing customer experience; they make use of the past to improve the future and now they are presenting us with the latest release of the Galaxy Tab series “Galaxy Tab 4”. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is a tablet for the whole family; it has been especially designed to offer limitless entertainment options. The tab’s large screen, light weight, and the new integrated feature “Multi-User Mode” made of Samsung Galaxy 4 an irresistible device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 See it all

Samsung has released two sizes of Tab 4 to meet the users’ different needs, “Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7 inch & Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 inch”. Both displays feature great clarity, as you can live your life through your Tab 4 screen; watch movies, videos, share images with your friends, surf the internet and travel through time by displaying the world’s most amazing natural views on your “Tab 4 10.1 “or Galaxy Tab 7”. Whether you have Samsung Tab 4 7 inch or 10 inch, both sizes are ideal for reading addicts. The “Smart Stay” feature keeps the screen lightened as long as you are looking at it, you can also adjust the font size too suit you!

Galaxy Tab 4 Seamless Design, More Features

Tab 4 Samsung features a seamless design that fits into the user’s hand effortlessly. It is sleek, slim with curved head-turning which makes it easy for you to reach the control buttons found at the top and both sides of the device. The new “Multi-Window” feature boosts the user experience, as they can do more than one thing at the same time. Thanks to this feature, the new Samsung Galaxy tab 4 10.1 review are boosted.

Powerful Performance, Amazing Customer Experience

Tab 4 comes with a powerful 1.2 Ghz Quad-core processor that delivers the fastest performance, so you could enjoy playing, watching, and browsing on your tab with no lag. The Samsung Tab 4 7.0 3G has got the most positive reviews thanks to its compact size and 3G feature that enables you to stay connected wherever you are. Generally Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 reviews with its both sizes are good on most of the online websites, due to its reasonable price and advanced features and specifications. Many have stated that Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 3g specs have exceeded their expectation and they are very satisfied with this unique experience.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 price in Egypt has contributed so much in making the device one of the best-selling tablets in the country, for a tablet that combines the privileges of a tab and a notebook the price is really reasonable. Samsung Tab 4 colors available are white and grey, also this tablet is available with the 3G and Wi-Fi versions and the price varies slightly accordingly. So it is your chance to buy Samsung Galaxy tab 4 in Egypt.