OnePlus One

Suddenly we found a new smartphone in the market that is competing with big brands, and users are stratified about its specifications and performance. Till now may be you can find that the story is repeated as it happened several times before with G-tide, Huawei and many other newly emerged brands. But for an unknown phone to be released in one month and in the next month it is one of the best-selling smartphones in Dubai! We have to take a step back, and have a look at the phone that offset the balance of the situation. One Plus One phone is the device that has changed the concepts.

While working on One Plus One mobile all they have been thinking of is developing a new phone that is equally beautiful form outside and inside. Not being influenced by the existing designs, the developers have been weighing each hard-ware separately compared to the impact it will have on the device’s final look. The result is an amazingly designed phone that features a sleek chrome body with efficient display and bright colors.

Below we will go through One Plus One specs: Smartly Designed

The One Plus One smartphone is designed smartly to meet your needs. Featuring a 5.5 inch anti scratch display, the mobile one plus one dual SIM is big enough to suit for watching videos, typing emails, and playing games. It is suitable for both entertainment and business. The One Plus One display is highly sensitive, it responds instantly to the finest touch.

Choosing not to sacrifice the design for the hardware, OnePlus One Chinese developers have had to work their best in order to provide you with the best user experience inserted into a convenient mobile that fits into your one hand smoothly. Slim, Light and Large at the same time; OnePlus One mobile phone is china’s best invention.

Powerful, Smooth and Fast

Powered by 2.5GHz Quad-core and Qualcomm 801 Snapdragon processor, the OnePlus One phone performance is way better than any of its competitors in the market. Looking at One Plus One vs Note 3 or One Plus One vs Nexus 5, you can find that the earlier is faster and stronger in performance than the others; thanks to the integrated 3 GB RAM, and 4G-LTE connectivity. Moreover, the OnePlus One smartphone is available with two different storage capacities: 32 GB and 64 GB, which allows you to download as many apps as you want in addition to keeping all your important data on your phone secured and protected. The powerful OnePlus One features have made this phone the perfect android phone for technology lovers.

Amazing Pictures; Anywhere Anytime!

As phones become our best companion wherever we go, they have to be equipped with all features and techniques that meet our needs. And so does smartphone One Plus One. Coming with Sony Exmor 13 MP camera, One Plus One camera enables you to capture the clearest and most amazing pictures even in low light conditions. Moreover, thanks six physical lenses inserted into its camera, 1+1 grants you the most detailed images ever.

Selfies are just awesome with One Plus One 5MP front facing camera. Moreover, the 80 degree viewing angle makes all your friends fit into one selfie; and you know what it will look gorgeous.

Accessing your OnePlus one Black mobile is way easier now, no need to press the starting button to get your phone come to life. All you have to do is taping twice on your home screen to come to life, or draw a simple picture on the closed screen for your preferred app to be launched. It is also worth mentioning that one plus one battery test has been a prove of the power of the battery.

Customers’ Reviews and User Experience

Since the mobile is not yet released in Egypt, and many users are waiting for the new phone eagerly; we brought to you OnePlus One reviews and user experience in Dubai. Users’ comments state that they are generally satisfied of OnePlus One price “The mobile comes at very reasonable and affordable price, if you compare the high specs and features integrated into the mobile to its price.. I would suggest that you all buy OnePlus One mobile”, said one customer. If you are looking at a trusted place to buy One Plus One mobile, come to Jumia and enjoy the best offer ever. The OnePlus One price in Egypt is expected to be very affordable, that it will suit all people’s budget. Stay tuned to know more about One Plus One reviews in Egypt. And to be among the first customers to buy One Plus One smartphone. Above we have mentioned One Plus One gsmarena specs, to satisfy your curiosity.