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Sony PlayStation, Let Your Imagination Go Wild

When the PlayStation brand was launched by Sony people around the world had a new sensation about video gaming. More than 100.00 of the device were sold in the first weekend, and over a million in the first six months. After the wide spread of the Play Station gamers, around the world felt like they are part of some secret society of intense games and powerful imagination.

Furthermore, in March 2005 Sony has taken the PS experience to a portable dimension by developing the PlayStation Portable “PSP”. That has brought an incomparable experience to the world of hand platform games. The PSP made it easier for digital savvies to take their entertainment along with them wherever they go. Whether you want to watch movies, play your favorite game or just move along with your favorite music, you can do it all with this amazing portable device. It is also worth mentioning that the PS2 has made a huge contribution in the world of gaming and gamers

PlayStation 3, A New Gaming Experience

Then the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) and Play Station Slime were released and everything about online gaming and video games changed. PlayStation3 utilize its processors, hard drive and Blue-ray player to produce an unprecedable gaming experience to all gamers. Moreover, the PS3 supports wide range of displays from the standard to the latest full HD display. Then new hard core computers combined with the PS3 there have introduced the most advanced computer system giving you the chance to enjoy next generation PlayStation games and the best entertainment in the market.

PlayStation 4, Hard Core Gaming

In 2013, PlayStation 4 was finally released after a huge propaganda about it. And everything that was said is true; Sony PlayStation4 is the best device to play powerful games via different networks. With many features such as; second screen and unparalleled content, the gaming experience has turned to something vivid and alive. What is more, play station games made by Sony are regarded as a form of art; something that is totally understandable considering the fact that the artists who design them give extra attention to the finest details in the graphics and the game mechanism. In Egypt and around the world people buy Sony PlayStation and their accessories because simply there is no better.