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Printers are the devices that turn your digital memories and data into tangible ones. Most printers are local ones that are connected directly to your personal computer; however, there are some printers that are connected via local network or WiFi. Also there are many printers that can print directly from memory cards or digital cameras, that way they would save the time of having to transfer the data to your personal computer first. In addition, Multifunction or All In One printers have been developed for people who want to have it all in one. These printers function as printers, scanners, fax and sometimes copying machines. They are extremely practical for large offices and companies. As for the technologies there are three main printer types which are; Inkejet, Deskjet and Laserjet Printers. These are the most common printer types for home and business use. In order to know how to buy a printer you have to consider some factors that might affect your choice of your future printer and they are:

How To Buy Printers

Inkjet printers do a good job in printing photos on different types of media but they do their best when they use a special type of paper. Also, laser and LED printer achieve great results on wide array of papers and they provide them in a better and faster way.

Inkjet printers offer versatility for home users who don’t have high printing demands. Those printers usually take some time to print one page and the quality is not that good. To get the best print quality you have to invest in the quality of paper.

Laser Printers

On the other hand, laser printers give you speed and many beneficial features. They are very efficient when it comes to printing a lot of text that contain many graphics and pictures. Almost all laser printer produce photos that are suitable for many uses such as voucher, invitations, Etc. Almost all laser printers give you the option to use glossy paper to print images that look like real photos, however, they are not as accurate and precise as inkjet printers. Despite that fact that laser printers cost slightly more than inkjet ones, they are cheaper when it comes to printing cost per paper. Furthermore, there are many reputable companies that manufacture high tech printers for the convenience of the end users. Among those companies are Samsung, HP, Canon, Brother. Many of the printers made by those brands don’t need a printer driver for installation, but the more complicated ones need them. Many users in Egypt prefer to buy printers online the thing that gives them the chance to check different types and models and know the ink and paper compatibility. Jumia Egypt is an online shopping more that have a wide selection of printers and their matching inks