Sony Xperia Z: Redefines your smartphone experience

Sony has decided to take further steps into the smartphones world and compete with its top rivals “Apple & Samsung”. So, after the release of Galaxy series by Samsung; Sony developers have taken it upon themselves to develop a model that considered later an inspiration for many mobile’s developers. What is actually unique and special about the new Sony Xepria Z is not the most advanced and developed specs that accompanied the mobile release, but the fact that the phone is water-resistant! Can you imagine a phone that is designed to function under water perfectly without being damaged or even spoiled? So, let’s have a look below at Sony Xperia Z specifications:

Bigger Screen – Thinner Body

You won’t be able to put your Xperia Z down; it will substitute any other device you are using. Sony Xperia Z display size 5” was considered the biggest amongst others that were released at the same time like Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5. Not only being bigger, but also coming with full HD technique; you will feel like you are part of the action. Thanks to the big screen you will be able to watch videos, play your favorite games, enjoy nice chat, reply to your email and much more; on your Xperia Z. Also, with Sony Xperia Z apps diversity you won’t ever feel bored. It is designed especially for you.

“Though coming with a big screen, the mobile Sony Xperia Z is very light and thins that fits into the one’s hand smoothly” that was one of most positive Sony Xperia Z reviews.

Keep your memories with you, always!

Manufactured upon the latest technologies used in Sony leading cameras, Sony Xperia Z comes with a 13 MP camera that enables you to catch the finest details. Now you will be able to capture superior photos, keep your memories and relive them whenever you want thanks to Sony Xperia Z camera. There are amazing views under the water that you do not want to miss; thanks to Xperia Z you will be able to take them up to the ground. One of the most important Sony Xperia Z specs is its water-resistance. You will no longer worry about water spilling onto your mobile, because all you have to do then is to wipe it! And that is it. As mentioned on Sony Xperia Z gsmarena page, the mobile could be submerged underwater for 30 min and get out as brand new as the one you just bought.

Powerful Performance, Better Battery Lifespan

Reading more about the details of Sony Xperia Z, we are pretty sure that we are looking at an extraordinary mobile. No more waiting with the new Xperia z, its Quad-core processor enables you to get things done in no time. Also, it comes with 4.1 Android Jelly bean, which is upgradable to the latest Android version lollipop. You can always check for Sony Xperia Z android updates at the mobile’s software setting.

Coming with a smart battery management, you Xperia Z will always be powered up. You will always be connected no matter where you are, or you will be; Sony Xperia Z grants you 24 hours battery life.

User’s Reviews & Experience

Nothing is more important than the users’ reviews when it comes to launching a new product. Their feedback is the infrastructure of our work; what they like and what they dislike is what makes us master our work. For Xperia Z reviews users have indicated their satisfaction about Sony Xperia Z price in Egypt as well as its overall specs. Sony Xperia Z accessories add much glory to the mobile itself, as it is available in Black & white only the accessories add more to its design. Check now on Jumia all the Sony Z series; Sony Xperia Z and Z1 in addition to Z2 & Z3. Price of Sony Xperia Z series on our online store is the best you can find ever. So here is your chance to buy Xperia z online and enjoy all of these amazing specs.