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Ariel Detergent for Laundry at Jumia

Everyone owns a washing machine at their home to wash all their laundry in, but what good is a washer without a laundry detergent or washing powder? A clothes detergent helps in the process of cleaning your laundry in the washing machine and that’s why you need to buy Ariel washing machine detergent.

Ariel brand brings a collection of different laundry detergents such as Ariel Gel, Ariel Color, Ariel Automatic or Ariel laundry powder. Each choice is made available so you can choose which is more convenient for your laundry and your washing machine.

If you’re shopping for a powder detergent, you can get Ariel clothes detergent in different sizes such as Ariel 6 KG or Ariel 8 KG, as an example. Shop today for the best powder laundry detergent in town at Jumia Egypt for low and affordable prices.

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Whether you need a color or white detergent, you can find the best liquid detergent from Ariel online at Jumia Egypt. Buy the Ariel gel detergent, be it Ariel colour gel or white gel and get the best results, leaving your clothes clean and fresh. Shop online at Jumia Egypt for all Ariel products today and enjoy fast delivery and free returns.