Intel and Worldwide Technology

Intel is a worldwide technology company. It is considered one of the world’s largest companies in processors industry. Not only that, but it’s one of the greenest brands and that what makes it the preferred brand for many users. It provides computer and tablets processors for top brands such as Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP, and many more. Intel also provides variable laptops, notebook, drivers, and detachable convertibles. It is known for the latest powered devices and smart technologies to let their customers live the most amazing user experience. Innovation is one of the main cores of Intel laptop.

Jumia and Intel, Stronger Together!

Jumia cooperates with Intel to provide its customers with the best devices and offers. Jumia team is always keen on having the best high-quality products in Egypt, to let you enjoy the smoothest experience. If you have been searching for powerful laptops and computers, with better HD graphics, and smoother video sharing, you can enjoy the 5th generation of laptops core i5.This is not the whole story, but also you can find a wide range of Intel processors integrated in variable tablets, ultrabook, laptop, mini pc, desktops, smartphone. On Jumia website, you can find the suitable laptop for your needs as we divide the laptops category into basic laptops, everyday laptops, and performance laptops. According to your needs, you can choose the appropriate processor for your lap top. Basic processors are Intel atom, Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, and AMD Essentials, and they are suitable for basic usage needs and simple purposes. As for everyday laptops processors, they are Intel core i3, Intel core i5 with shared GPU, and performance processors such as (intel core i5 with dedicated GPU, intel core i7) laptops. For companies, the need for practical desktops and long term batteries has been always one of the most crucial factors of its productivity. With Intel powered desktops and Intel drivers, you can guarantee that the productivity rate will rocket!

Stay Tuned!

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