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A great technological breakthrough happened in the world of TVs, Gaming, and Cameras and displays. Many types of TVs have been developed to give the viewer the best entertainment experience. LED and LCD are considered the most popular types of TVs nowadays. They are affordable and have elegant designs that suit any home. On Jumia, You can buy TV and choose between a wide variety of TVs from all trusted brands such as Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Polaroid, Hisense, Panasonic and many more. You can enjoy TVs shopping at your home without any effort by one click on Jumia website. Additionally, if you are gaming buff, so Jumia is your right place. You can find a specific category for games and consoles to enjoy to the maximum. Moreover, you can find your favorite camera and accessories whether it is digital camera, professional camera, camcorder, headphones or even a speaker.

Which One to Choose LCD or LED TV? Jumia Has All

So what is the difference between LED and LCD screens and how can you compare between the two of them? In fact the only difference between LED and LCD is in the way the screen is lit to produce a bright clear picture. Whereas LCD TVs are backlit with traditional fluorescent lights, the LED TVs are backlit using smaller and more energy efficient backlights. You need to the one that suits the area in which you want your TV to be installed. The most popular sizes of TVs are 32, 40, and 50 inch. These sizes provide a superb watching experience for all family members. On Jumia, we offer you all kinds of Tvs with the best prices and specifications in Egypt, so you can choose between different TVs types such as Smart TV, Curved TV, or 3D TVs. Smart TVs combine both TV and internet functions. They include multitude of features like Web browsing, Video Streaming, Internet Radio, Social Networking, Apps, Games and much more

Different Cameras on Jumia

On Jumia, you can find all types of cameras! If you search for compact camera, you can find it on jumia Egypt. Compact camera features the small size which make it fit in any place whether you search for compact camera for adventures. And if you are a professional photographer, you can find all types of professional cameras. This is additional to camcorders. All are from the best brands such as canon, Nikon , sony and amny more.Moreover, you can find a wide variety of receivers & accessories to complete your experience. This is not the whole story; you can also have the best offers and discounts on all TVs, speakers, headphones brands and types. Stay Tuned!