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Your Watch is Right Here!

Choosing the suitable watch for you is sometimes a hard decision, however, we can help you with that. A watch has been always a fashion trend and an elegance mark. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find the best assortment and models of variable watches. Different styles need different types of watches as sport watch, luxury watch, stopwatch, mechanical watch, quartz watch, and many more. At Jumia, we specified a category for watches only! You can find different watches’ brands such as Guess watches, Casio watches, Beritling, Cartier watches, Invicta watches, Geneva watches, Armani watches, Citizen, Alba, Pierre Cardin, Seiko watches, Hublot watches, Orient watches, DKNY watches, Diesel watches and many more. It is not the whole story, you can buy watches also for your kids with the best prices and specifications in Egypt.

How Can I Choose my Watch?

You can select your watch by choosing your favorite material like leather, stainless steel, rubber, or plastic. In fact, Wrist watches vary according to your needs, lifestyle, and character as well. For those who lead an active lifestyle and always like to dress casual, we recommend the sport or chronograph watch. Some sport watch can also be used for diving and watersports because of its water resistance and high quality for luminescence. Digital watch style is a point of attraction for both men and women. For persons with a classic lifestyle with a lot of formal occasions, so luxury watch should be your choice. Classic watches are famous for their attractive shape and elegant style.

Quartz or Mechanical Movement?

Whether you surf the web searching for watches for men or watches for women, you will find, in the specifications section, whether it is mechanical movement or quartz movement. Here comes the question, what is the difference between both movements? Quartz movement is known for its accuracy and the possibility to rely on. It features a battery with a Quartz crystal movement which has specific number of vibrations. These vibrations are transferred to a chip for giving you the accurate result. Mechanical watches are more complicated and they are divided into two types: mechanical and self- winding automatic. Each one of them has its own features. Jumia will always be your point of destination. Stay tuned to know more about new arrivals of watches.