Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Mid 2017) - Intel Core i5 - 8GB RAM - 128GB SSD - 13.3" Retina Display - Intel GPU - macOS - Space Grey - English Keyboard

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المواصفات الأساسية
  • Intel Core i5‎,‎ 2.3 GHz CPU
  • 8GB RAM‎,‎ 128GB SSD
  • 13.3‎"‎ Retina Display
  • Integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
  • 802.11ac Wi‎-Fi‎,‎ Bluetooth 4.2
  • 2 x Thunderbolt 3 ‎(‎USB Type‎-C‎)‎ Ports
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المنتج تالف - خلال 14 يوم

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منتجات أصلية

A touch of genius‎.‎

It’s razor thin‎,‎ feather light‎,‎ and even faster and more powerful than before‎.‎ It has the brightest‎,‎ most colorful Mac notebook display ever‎.‎ MacBook Pro is built on groundbreaking ideas‎.‎ And it’s ready for yours‎.‎

Performance‎:‎ Speed‎-of‎-the‎-art‎.‎

MacBook Pro elevates the notebook to a whole new level of performance and portability‎.‎ Wherever your ideas take you‎,‎ you’ll get there faster than ever with cutting‎-edge graphics‎,‎ high‎-performance processors‎,‎ whip‎-smart storage‎,‎ and more‎.‎

Retina Display‎:‎ The brightest‎,‎ most colorful Mac notebook display ever‎.‎

The display in the MacBook Pro is the best ever in a Mac notebook‎.‎ It features bright LED backlighting and a high contrast ratio‎,‎ delivering deep blacks and bright whites‎.‎ Its large pixel aperture and variable refresh rate make it power efficient‎.‎ And it supports wide color for even more vibrant greens and reds than with sRGB‎.‎ This makes for more true‎-to‎-life pictures with realistically vivid details ‎- essential for graphic design‎,‎ color grading‎,‎ and editing‎.‎

Speakers that speak for themselves‎.‎ Loudly‎.‎

Enjoy beautifully balanced‎,‎ high‎-fidelity sound that takes listening to new levels with wide dynamic range and more bass for maximum boom‎.‎ The speakers are connected directly to system power‎,‎ enabling greater peak amplification‎.‎ So they make MacBook Pro the perfect choice for mixing a track on the fly‎,‎ editing video on location‎,‎ or enjoying a movie on the go‎.‎

Keyboard and Trackpad‎:‎ More responsive keyboard‎.‎ More expansive trackpad‎.‎

Interacting with MacBook Pro is a smooth experience all around‎.‎ The keyboard features our second‎-generation butterfly mechanism ‎- providing four times more key stability than a traditional scissor mechanism‎,‎ along with greater comfort and responsiveness‎.‎ And the spacious Force Touch trackpad gives your fingers plenty of room to gesture and click‎.‎

Thunderbolt 3‎:‎ The most powerful and versatile port ever‎.‎

Thunderbolt 3 combines ultra‎-high bandwidth with the ultra‎-versatility of the USB‎-C industry standard to create one revved‎-up universal port‎.‎ It integrates data transfer‎,‎ charging‎,‎ and video output in a single connector‎,‎ delivering up to 40Gb/s of throughput for twice the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2‎.‎ Both sizes of MacBook Pro are available with four ports‎,‎ so you can do all that from either side‎.‎ Existing devices are easily connected with a cable or adapter‎.‎ And Thunderbolt 3 is reversible‎,‎ so no matter how you plug in‎,‎ it’s always right side up‎.‎

macOS‎:‎ It’s why there’s nothing else like a Mac‎.‎

macOS is the operating system that powers every Mac‎.‎ It’s engineered to take full advantage of the hardware and designed to be as easy to use as it is beautiful to look at‎.‎ macOS includes an amazing collection of apps you’ll use — and love — every day‎.‎ It also features iCloud and other innovative ways for your Mac‎,‎ iOS devices‎,‎ and Apple Watch to work together‎.‎

Technical Specifications

  • 13.3‎-inch ‎(‎diagonal‎)‎ LED‎-backlit display with IPS technology
  • 2560‎-by‎-1600 native resolution at 227 pixels per inch with support for millions of colors
  • Supported scaled resolutions‎:‎ 1680 by 1050‎,‎ 1440 by 900‎,‎ 1024 by 640
  • 500 nits brightness
  • 2.3GHz dual‎-core 7th‎-generation Intel Core i5 processor‎,‎ Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz‎,‎ with 4MB shared L3 cache
  • 8GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory


  • 128GB SSD storage
  • Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
Video Support

Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built‎-in display at millions of colors and

  • One display with 5120‎-by‎-2880 resolution at 60Hz at over a billion colors
  • Up to two displays with 4096‎-by‎-2304 resolution at 60Hz at over a billion colors
  • Up to two displays with 3840‎-by‎-2160 resolution at 60Hz at over a billion colors

Thunderbolt 3 digital video output

  • Native DisplayPort output over USB‑C
  • VGA‎,‎ HDMI‎,‎ and Thunderbolt 2 output supported using adapters ‎(‎sold separately‎)‎
  • 720p FaceTime HD camera
Charging and Expansion
  • Two Thunderbolt 3 ‎(‎USB‎-C‎)‎ ports‎,‎ with support for‎:‎ Charging‎,‎ DisplayPort‎,‎ Thunderbolt ‎(‎up to 40 Gbps‎)‎‎,‎ USB 3.1 Gen 2 ‎(‎up to 10 Gbps‎)‎
  • Headphone
  • 802.11ac Wi‎-Fi wireless networking
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible
  • Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology
  • Stereo speakers with high dynamic range
  • Two microphones
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
Keyboard and Trackpad
  • Full‎-size backlit keyboard with‎:‎ 78 ‎(‎U‎.‎S‎.‎‎)‎ or 79 ‎(‎ISO‎)‎ keys including 12 function keys and 4 arrow keys ‎(‎English Only‎,‎ No Arabic Letters Engraved‎)‎
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Force Touch trackpad for precise cursor control and pressure‎-sensing capabilities‎:‎ enables Force clicks‎,‎ accelerators‎,‎ pressure‎-sensitive drawing‎,‎ and Multi‎-Touch gestures
Operating System
  • macOS Sierra
Power and Battery
  • Built‎-in 54.5‎-watt‎-hour lithium‎-polymer battery
  • 61W USB‎-C Power Adapter
  • Up to 10 hours wireless web
  • Up to 10 hours iTunes movie playback
  • Up to 30 days of standby time
  • USB‎-C power port
Size and Weight
  • Height‎:‎ 1.49 cm
  • Width‎:‎ 30.41 cm
  • Depth‎:‎ 21.24 cm
  • Weight‎:‎ 1.37 kg
In the Box
  • 13‎-inch MacBook Pro
  • 61W USB‎-C Power Adapter
  • USB‎-C Charge Cable ‎(‎2 m‎)‎
المواصفات الأساسية
  • Intel Core i5‎,‎ 2.3 GHz CPU
  • 8GB RAM‎,‎ 128GB SSD
  • 13.3‎"‎ Retina Display
  • Integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
  • 802.11ac Wi‎-Fi‎,‎ Bluetooth 4.2
  • 2 x Thunderbolt 3 ‎(‎USB Type‎-C‎)‎ Ports
  • macOS Sierra
  • Backlit Keyboard ‎(‎English Only‎)‎
SKU ‎(‎config‎)‎
Space Grey
Product Warranty
1 Year
Production Country
Display Size ‎(‎inches‎)‎
Processor Type
Intel Core i5
Processor Speed ‎(‎GHz‎)‎
RAM ‎(‎GB‎)‎
Capacity ‎(‎GB‎)‎
بطاقة الرسومات
Graphic RAM ‎(‎GB‎)‎
نظام التشغيل
Product Dimensions
Height‎:‎ 1.49 cm x Width‎:‎ 30.41 cm x Depth‎:‎ 21.24 cm
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