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Video Games a World of Your Choice

Video Games are officially recognized as the XXI century new form of Arts. Thanks to the New-York Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA), Video Games are not considered as a simple form of entertainment but a truly recognized Art!

History of Video Games

Their history of started in the late sixties when Ralph Baer a German-born television engineer and his co-workers designed the first video-game console that works on a regular television. The video game as we know it was then implemented by Nolan Bushnell and his famous company Atari. In 1977 he introduced the at-home Video Game to the masses thanks to the creation of a home-version of his major arcade hit.

Then came the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super NES along with the famous Mario, Zelda and Metroid characters, which made the history of two dimensions (2D) gaming. Afterwards 3D games appeared with Sony’s Playstation, and online gaming for consoles with the Microsoft Xbox and the integrated online platform Xbox Live.

Since the early-age video games made quite a journey, from a simple ping game on a television screen we have now games played online with an amazing level of details and interactivity. Graphics is not the only features of video game that dramatically evolved, we have also have the way we play, the first gamepad had two buttons and was attached to the console nowadays we even have games that don’t requires a pad anymore thanks to motion control, welcome in the third dimension!

There is a game for every occasion and for every gamer, whether you want to play a football match with your friends, or conquer an online world with gamer all around the planet, or even embody an intrepid adventurer. Well-designed videogames are ways of taking your mind to different places.

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