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Microsoft A Way to Fulfill Your Dreams

Microsoft is a multinational corporation that was founded in the Unites States. It has its headquarter in Washington D.C. and it was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Microsoft’s goal is to help people fulfill their public responsibilities towards their country and their nation. The company was originally established to develop personal computer operating systems. It has rapidly diversified since 1990 and made many corporate acquisitions such as the acquisition of Skype technologies in 2011.

Microsoft Windows Software, Simply Useful

Moreover, Microsoft DirectX is used almost in every personal computer and different versions of Microsoft windows are used all over the world. People simply fall in love with Windows 7 and 8 due to the options they have. Furthermore, Microsoft office is also an incredibly useful set of programs that are used on all personal computers, laptops and tablets. For example, Microsoft office is preferable by those who need to write a lot and it has many features to facilitate the process for them. Microsoft even developed special software called Microsoft publisher to help create books and magazines covers. Also Microsoft is in a constant seeking for innovation that is why their programs are developed almost every year. And the latest edition of Microsoft is Mocrosoft Office2013

If you have a computer, then you must have Microsoft program that you use and cannot live without. Each person has a special bond with his/ her Microsoft program. Bill Gates simply wanted to give everyone there ideal program.

Microsoft Xbox, A World Specially Made For Gamers

Above all Microsoft developed Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles to give people a world of their own creation to love and live in. Xbox games are many and the graphics of each game are made to create a whole universe of imagination. Microsoft even develops its own security system to protect its programs. In addition, it has its share in internet search engines such as “Bing” and the digital service market such as MSN. What is more the company has its share in manufacturing tablets; as its tablet Microsoft Surface is equipped with either windows 7 or 8 to give the user the optimum benefit from its features. At last but not least, Microsoft computer accessories such as cameras, keyboards and mouse devices are known for its elegant design and high quality material. Their products and software are available online and they can be easily downloaded and bought. Jumia Egypt appreciate the importance of having top quality products that is why it has a wide variety of Microsoft products that you can check and buy online.