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Computers, Our Knight in Shining Armor

A computer is a device that can be programmed to carry an infinite number of data, set of arithmetic and logical operations. In addition, a computer can solve many problems at the same time. Goerge Sitibitz is known as the father of the modern computer since he was the one who invented the first model of computer in 1937. A succession of more powerful computers followed since then. Nowadays, computers come in all shapes and sizes and each and every computer is specially made to suit one of the human needs. Computer technology uses a processing element which is usually the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and some form of memory, in addition, to peripheral devices that allow the data to be transferred from and into the computer. For example, mouse devices, keyboards and printers are developed by many well-known companies such as HP and Samsung to help making the usage of the computer easier.

Cloud Computing, A Way to Work on Cloud Nine

In the modern age the industry of computers has witnessed a huge leap. For instance, laptops were added to the market to make it easier for people to carry their work with them wherever they go. Moreover, using cloud computing is the best way to use computer resources over the internet. The name cloud computing comes from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol to represent a complex infrastructure.All you have to do is to exert some extra effort to find the best buy deals.

Developed Only For You

Furthermore, Touch computers are developed for easier access and use of computers. And for those who like to have a thin, light and portable device to take everywhere, manufacturers and many other companies have developed tablets. Apple is one of the famous companies that use computer engineering to develop laptops and iPads. Their Ultrabooks, Macbooks and Netbooks are sold all over the world. In addition, Dell is an American trusted company that develops laptops and desk top computers such as Dell Inspiron. On the other hand, many mobiles manufacturers merge computer technologies in their mobiles such as Samsung, Nokia and HTC which actually add a processor to their smart phones. What is more, there are software programs and applications for both mobiles and computers. There are some operating systems developed specially for touch devices such as tablets. In Egypt, many computer shops have spread all over the country but you can only trust few that is why you need to choose well your next computer shop. To conclude computer, since their invention, have become a huge part of our lives that is why companies develop many accessories to let us use it in the way you want. Nowadays, many people like to shop and buy computers online that is why Jumia Egypt which is one of the online stores in our country offer a wide variety of best quality computers. Check the largest online computer shop in Egypt and choose the perfect computer for you.