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Nokia, Connecting People!

Nokia is a Finnish multinational company that develops communication and information technology devices. Its main products are mobile phones, smart phones and portable IT devices. In addition, it offers internet services such as applications, games, music and media. Almost all Egyptians have seen Nokia advertisement with their mission simple and clear “Connecting People”. They aim at making people all over the world enjoy what life has to offer them. Their inspiration come from the world today, it seems that anything is possible and that what make each Nokia employee get out of bed in the morning. In order it drive the change in the world Nokia has partnered with Microsoft that will help them gain the ground in the smart phone market. N8 is on e of the mobiles that proves their constant experiments to develop their mobiles, it has a 12 megapixels camera and a Symbian^3 operating system. Nokia’s strategy is to strengthen her technological leverage by providing top quality compelling affordable localized cell phone experience.

Nokia, History and Future

In Egypt, Nokia is not just a company it is, in fact, how Egyptians knew mobile phones. They were the ones who devised mobile phones that are affordable to all. They really helped people to connect, and it’s not just about connecting we all still remember our school days and how we compared our Nokia mobiles. Furthermore, the wonder of having a camera in your mobile was firstly introduced in by Nokia, they were great days and Nokia has made the better. Moreover, to enhance that Nokia develops their own games and accessories; such as headsets and Bluetooth devices, because they know that best things always come together.

Jumia Egypt has a wide collection of Nokia cell phones; old and new models, just to suit every need, the thing that gives you the chance to buy Nokia mobiles online. In other words why to buy a fancy phone if you do not really need it?!. And with Nokia partnership with Microsoft, Nokia phones such as E7, C3, C7 and N79 became more appealing specially that they can be bought easily online. Besides, Nokia Lumia the new wonder of Nokia uses Microsoft windows 8 as an operating system, so if you are one of those people who needs a laptop in disguise this device is the perfect solution for you. And if you want to buy Nokia products at the best prices in the market all you have to do is to shop on Jumia Egypt for the best buy deals and offers. And now you can have the first Android phone from Nokia the great Nokia X