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Molfix has been renewed with Perfect Fit qualities, fits your baby's body perfectly while ensuring freedom of movement for your baby and besides it prevents any leakage of liquid. New Molfix supports your baby's development with its perfect fit qualities without limiting its mobility. Perfect Fit structure of Molfix, fits your baby's body perfectly and prevents any leakage of liquid. Super stretchy sides never loose during your baby's movement with its strength. As for narrowed crotch area space for better fit of Molfix provides cheerful babies to walk and enjoy the freedom of movement.



Babies & Toddlers Love MOLFIX




24/7 Protection

Babies diaper use 7 days, 24 hours, and always maintain a great need.Molfix 24/7 protection, they are looking for superior protection and comfort to babies and mothers developed.






Happy Baby Equals Happy Mom


All mums will agree that ‘A happy baby equates a happy Mum’. Molfix Diapers are the leaders of tomorrow and keeping them happy and free goes a long way in fostering their development. Itis soft and well elasticated at the sides to prevent leakages, does not cause rashes at all, never smells even when wet, absorbs beautifully and keeps the baby very comfortable. One of the numerous beauties of this diaper is the price. Great quality, yet pocket friendly prices.





المواصفات الرئيسية

  • Super smooth non-woven cloth top-sheet
  • Well breathable and absorbent
  • 3D leak guard with multiple strands of elastic
  • Can efficiently prevent side leakage
  • Elastic waist band, well fit baby body for extra comfort.
  • Super Stretchy Sides
  • Refastenable colorful PP sticker assures re-adjustment at anytime


  • SKU: MO711TB15537ENAFAMZ
  • اللون: n/a
  • الخامه الرئيسية: Diapers
  • الموديل: 6224007974216
  • بلد الصنع: Egypt

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Molfix حفاضات - مقاس 5 - 58 قطعة

Molfix حفاضات - مقاس 5 - 58 قطعة

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