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Touchscreen display

Tracking your health has never been easier‎.‎ With the Vue’s bright OLED display and touchscreen technology‎,‎ you can instantly view your stats and stay motivated to achieve your goals‎.‎

The iFit family

Everything you do with iFit is connected‎.‎ This means that all of your stats—whether you’re running with one of our wearables or working out on a piece of iFit ready fitness equipment—sync up to the same cloud‎.‎ You can find all of your information‎,‎ safe and secure‎,‎ in one‎,‎ convenient place‎.‎

Log calories

The Vue’s built‎-in calorie counter allows you to quickly log your meals‎,‎ snacks‎,‎ and drinks directly on your tracker‎.‎ You can also check your net calories to see the difference between your calories consumed and calories burned‎.‎

MoveReady™ technology

Fitness tracking just got smarter‎.‎ Now you can change activities without manually switching modes‎.‎ The Vue will automatically detect specific movement patterns like walking‎,‎ running‎,‎ swimming‎,‎ and sleeping‎.‎ MoveReady™ technology gives you smarter feedback and more accurate data‎.‎

On‎-screen notifications

Receive healthy tips and reminders from iFit‎,‎ like if you need to move after being idle for too long‎,‎ or when it’s time for bed‎.‎ You can also see caller ID and text notifications‎,‎ right on your touchscreen‎.‎


Make sure you have the right gear‎.‎ iFit Vue is only compatible with the iPhone® 4S and above‎,‎ iPod touch® 5th Gen and above‎,‎ and Android™ 4.3 and above‎.‎ Download the iFit Track app to access your FREE account‎.‎

المواصفات الأساسية
  • Touchscreen display
  • Two‎-toned‎,‎ adjustable wristband
  • Both S/M and L/XL sizes included
  • Water‎-resistant design
  • Rechargeable battery via USB power stick
  • Wireless sync with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE technology
  • Android and iOS mobile apps available
مواصفات ال iFit Vue Fitness Tracker
Production Country
USA‎,‎ China
الخامة الأساسية
Product Warranty
1 Year