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Beat the Heat

Summers are getting hotter and hotter year after year and buying a good air conditioner is no longer a luxury. Air conditioners offer you respite from the humidity and hot temperature that you get exposed to during the day.

Whatever You Need We Got You Covered!

Is it portable air conditioner that you need? Split ? Window? Floor ceiling? Whatever you think is most suitable design / brand / Horse Power for your home, office, or shop, you will easily find it among Jumia’s collection of AC s. Get a closer look at our collection and you will be amazed how you can easily check different models and find the most affordable prices in the Egyptian market.

Split Air Conditioners: Most Famous at Homes

Many people think that split air conditioners are the most practical AC s to have especially at homes. The major advantage of a split air conditioner is that it fits in small spaces. Also, it reduces noise dramatically and do not require huge installation preparations. If you decided to get a split air conditions, here you can find different models and colors that you can choose from to fit your home décor.

Window Air Conditioners

They are especially designed to fit a space like a window frame and they do absorb the heat and provide cool air. You can find filters in many window AC s that filters the air from the bacteria and dust; three filters need cleaning regularly. Such functions will keep your home clean and your family members healthy and they will enjoy quality air to breathe.

Why to Order Your AC Online?

Jumia understands how valuable your time is and how hectic the shopping offline can get. With Jumia, you will definitely save the time of going out and checking every AC store in town. Also, you will enjoy choosing between different brands , prices , and horsepower . You will find big brands like Sharp, Carrier, Samsung, and LG. You can also choose the AC horse power from 1.5 to 7 hp .

3- Clicks to Get Your AC

You’re 3- click away from getting your order right on your doorstep with the fastest delivery for AC s in Egypt. Choose your preferred air conditioner ( AC ), the most suitable payment method for you and enjoy the best prices of air conditioners in the market. Prepare yourself to be spoilt for choice !

✰ Now, sit and regulate your room temperate and RELAX.