iPhone 5S: A phone that serves you

After the release of iPhone 5 and the major change in the phone display size, Apple developers took it upon themselves to surprise its users by developing a new feature that is expected to redefine security in the world of smartphones. While working on the new model; your safety is what inspired them to introduce the new 5S iPhone. Varying neither in size nor in design, yet mobile iPhone 5S comes with two new features that made users around the world waiting for its release; the new iOS 7 & the Touch ID. Hereby, we will have a look at the specifications of iPhone 5S.

Smart Designing

Neither being bigger nor heavier, yet this mobile comes with the latest apple technologies included in a 7.6mm space. Apple engineers used to set the standards for the others, they do not introduce what is coming next, they introduce what should be next; they do not work on what is technologically possible rather they work on what is useful. And here we go, Apple new iPhone comes with Apples most advanced technologies in the smartest design ever, they have managed to redesign new components that boost the device performance without adding more neither to its size nor its weight. Comparing iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5, you won’t be apple to differentiate between either of them in appearance except for the Touch ID. Apple new iPhone feature a 4 inch display and 112 weight, iPhone 5 S is the best you mobile you can get.

Powerful Performance with Longer Battery Lifespan

Apple developers have been able to boost iPhone 5 S performance, powered by 64-bit architecture & A7 chip; they have created especially developed iOS 7 to take the most advantage of it. Now, Apple iPhone 5S 16GB satisfy all your needs and much more. iOS 7 features a completely restructured user interface, that is meant to simplify your life and brighten your user experience. The focus in iOS 7 has been on what matters the most, newly inserted apps, useful up-to-date notifications and much more translucency & layers which creates more depth and add much value. Have a Skype meeting while being on the way, book your flight ticket, communicate with your friend on different social media networks and much more to be done with iPhone 5S applications. Go to iPhone 5S Apple Store and download limitless number of free useful and luxurious apps.

You will no longer need to sacrifice the performance for the sake of longer battery life, iPhone 5 S has solved this issue. Now you will be able to do it all on your iPhone all day long, with no need to be connected to any source power. Such a feature is what gave this smart phone an advantage over its competitors at the market; this is what we concluded from having a look at iPhone 5S reviews. Also, we found many people comparing between iPhone 5S vs Note 3, and the earlier has swept.

Ultimate Security with the new Touch ID Feature

Nothing is more secured as your own finger print, the thing which Apple engineers have been thinking of while developing iPhone 5 S security system. In addition to the famous features “Find my iPhone” integrated into all the iPhone mobiles. They had to think of something more special and unique, and here we go with the Touch ID. You are just one touch away from accessing your device’s content. As coming with new features, this phone also was released with new colors which we are not used to with all the previous models: iPhone 5S Gold along with the typical colors iPhone 5 S white & Black.

User Experience

Here comes the most important part to the manufacturer when releasing any new model, users’ reviews and comments. Generally, iPhone 5S reviews in Egypt indicate the user’s happiness and satisfaction with the new models, its specs and apps. Yet there is only one thing that used to needle the customers which is iPhone 5S price in Egypt. In order to come over come such an issue, they have decided to release new customized model which have the same specs of iPhone 5 S yet with lower cost. The releases of iPhone 5 S and 5C have made a huge leap into the world of smartphones. Now, you can buy iPhone 5S accessories from any online store and add extra glory to your mobile. With the powerful iPhone 5S specs you will literally have the world at your hands.