Aqu Water Pure 7 Star Water Filter - 7 Stages

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Key Features
  • 7 stages RO water Filter
  • Pure and safe water
  • Effectively removes impurities and toxins from our body
  • removes Bacteria and viruses
  • Provide essential minerals
  • Pump + Trans 24-volt security too
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Stage 1: Sediment Filter :The 10", 5µm Sediment of 100% pure polypropylene fibers of High capacity filter screens out particles down to 5 microns as Bacteria, rust, algae, sand, silt, mud to improve the appearance of your water, and protect membrane against fouling.

Stage 2: Granular Activated Carbon: Granular Active carbon composed of high-performance activated carbon that adsorbs 99% of chemical impurities causes unpleasant smell, odor, color, and to maintain membrane from damage ,Organic impurities ,Chlorine and its poisonous compounds  ,Lead and toxic heavy metals ,Pesticides ,Detergents and phenoles 

Stage 3: Carbon Block Filter :It is in conformity with FDA standard to remove organic matters in water. It effectively Adsorb fine foreign matters and dissolved gases like chlorine from the water which is left out from GAC filterto protect RO membrane from blocking and prolong its service life.

Stage 4‎:‎ Reverse Osmosis Membrane ;This stage is the heart of the reverse osmosis system‎,‎ it uses a 0.0001 micron thin film composite membrane‎.‎ This semi permeable membrane will effectively take out up to 99% of TDS‎-total dissolved solids‎,‎ salts‎,‎ heavy metals such as arsenic‎,‎ copper‎,‎ nitrates‎,‎ and lead‎,‎ as well as bacteria & Cysts‎,‎ such as E ‎.‎Coli ‎,‎ Giardia and cryptosporidium‎.‎ Because the process of making this high quality drinking water takes time‎,‎ your RO water treatment system is equipped with a storage tank‎.‎  ,This membrane has remarkable affinity for oxygen producing sparkling oxygenated water 

Stage 5: Inline Post Carbon Filter ;12" NSF approved. Nano-Silver final polishing Activated Carbon Filter, made by natural coconut carbon with hundreds of square feet of absorption area to reduce Taste, Odor, Chlorine and plus Bacteria resistance competed to UV Sterilizer but with cost reduction solution.

Stage 6: Bio-ceramic filter ;Mineral Stone is one kind of environmental protection and health care ball that is mainly made of the natural non-metal mineral tourmaline, Maifan Stone, porcelain clay and calcium and magnesium carbonate by nanometer combination technology, special formula and agglomeration techniques, and used for activating, purifying and mineralizing drinking water.  ;Release nourishing minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium and other micro elements which are essential for good health, it also improve the flavour of the water; adjust the pH of the water to mild alkaline which helps restore the pH balance of the body fluid.

Stage 7: Far Infra-Red Filter ;The stage is truly delving into the health of the water; infara-red beads are simply miraculous given that they don't even come in contact with the water. In keeping with ultraviolet light this filter has the ability to assist in the sanitizing of the water with infara-red emitting frequency balls through a glass tubs. .Earths Natural infrared minerals are able to energize the water in the same way that sunlight does. 

Key Features
  • 7 stages RO water Filter
  • Pure and safe water
  • Effectively removes impurities and toxins from our body
  • removes Bacteria and viruses
  • Provide essential minerals
  • Pump + Trans 24-volt security too
  • Tank 2 layer 5 gallon

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