Canon imageFORMULA DR-F120 Office Document Scanner

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  • Type‎:‎ Desktop Type Flatbed Scanner with ADF
  • Scanning sensor unit‎:‎ CMOS CIS 1 Line Sensor
  • Optical resolution‎:‎ 600dpi/1200dpi
  • Light source‎:‎ RGB LED
  • Interface‎:‎ High speed USB 2.0
  • Black and White ‎(‎A4‎,‎ 200dpi‎)‎‎:‎ ADF‎:‎ 20ppm / 36ipm
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Enjoy an effortless and speedy scanning solution with versatile imageFORMULA DR‎-F120 scanner‎,‎ featuring an integrated automatic document feeder and flatbed unit‎.‎ It’s perfect for capturing a wide range of document types in high quality‎.‎


  • Keep productive with 20ppm duplex scanning and 50‎-sheet ADF
  • Scan books‎,‎ magazines or fragile materials with the integrated flatbed
  • Achieve outstanding image quality with the scanning resolution up to 2400dpi
  • Scan with ease using CaptureOnTouch 3 and one‎-touch job buttons
  • Scan to editable‎-PDF and connect to your cloud applications

Maximised productivity

Capture various types of document types accurately and efficiently with the DR‎-F120‎:‎ a compact all‎-in‎-one scanning solution that offers both an automatic document feeder ‎(‎ADF‎)‎ and flatbed‎.‎ You can save yourself valuable time using the 50‎-sheet document feeder‎,‎ with its faster 20ppm scanning speeds‎.‎ The DR‎-F120 can be relied on to get through your work with a suggested daily volume of up to 1000 scans‎.‎

Effortless paper handling

The DR‎-F120 gives you complete flexibility to scan a wide range of materials despite its compact body size and small footprint‎.‎ The straight‎-through ADF path accommodates A4‎-width documents‎,‎ and media of up to 1‎,‎000mm in length‎.‎ You’ll enjoy increased reliability and time‎-savings when scanning mixed documents as a result of the separation roller in the feeding mechanism‎.‎ The flatbed scanner is ideal for handling media like books‎,‎ passports or magazines‎,‎ and effortlessly captures pages up to legal size‎.‎ It’s equally at home with photos or other thick‎,‎ thin and delicate documents‎.‎

Superior image quality

The DR‎-F120 delivers superior quality results time after time‎,‎ due to its 2400dpi scanning‎,‎ wide range of built‎-in image enhancement features and Canon’s renowned imaging technology‎.‎ You’ll achieve unprecedented colour accuracy that stays true to the original document via the scanner’s 3‎-Dimensional Color Correction function‎.‎

Simple‎,‎ user‎-friendly operation

Achieve superb results with just a single touch of a button using the Full Auto Mode that automatically applies the best settings for each scanned image‎.‎ Built‎-in tools eliminate blank pages and automatically detect paper size and text orientation‎;‎ while the automatic deskew feature straightens documents fed at an angle‎.‎ Frequent tasks can be made even simpler by assigning them to 3 job buttons on the scanner panel‎.‎

Bundled software gives you more choice

The DR‎-F120 offers a simple and intuitive scanning experience using Canon’s CaptureOnTouch 3 software‎.‎ Users can scan‎,‎ edit and send their documents even more easily with this versatile scanning solution‎.‎ Its step‎-by‎-step icon‎-based user interface lets users quickly convert their paper documents to multiple file formats ‎(‎PDF‎,‎ TIFF‎,‎ JPEG‎,‎ BMP‎,‎ PNG and PowerPoint‎)‎‎.‎ CaptureOnTouch is equally capable as a simple document filing solution that lets users scan and create searchable PDF documents – including easy text‎-based search and retrieval‎.‎ Cloud plug‎-ins to SharePoint‎,‎ SugarSync‎,‎ OneDrive‎,‎ Dropbox‎,‎ Google Drive™ and Evernote are included‎,‎ ISIS and TWAIN drivers are also provided‎.‎

Easy to own and maintain

DR‎-F120 is easy to maintain because of its user‎-friendly design‎.‎ The feed rollers are user‎-replaceable‎,‎ which means you won’t incur the cost of calling out a service technician‎.‎ Your costs stay low due to the scanner’s high energy‎-efficiency‎,‎ using less than 20W in operation‎.‎

Technical Specifications‎:‎

General Information

  • Type‎:‎ Desktop Type Flatbed Scanner with ADF
  • Scanning sensor unit‎:‎ CMOS CIS 1 Line Sensor
  • Optical resolution‎:‎ 600dpi/1200dpi
  • Light source‎:‎ RGB LED
  • Scanning side‎:‎ Front / Back / Duplex
  • Interface‎:‎ High speed USB 2.0
  • Dimensions ‎(‎WxDxH‎)‎‎:‎ Tray Closed‎:‎ 469 ‎(‎W‎)‎ x 335 ‎(‎D‎)‎ x 120 ‎(‎H‎)‎ mm‎,‎ Tray Opened‎:‎ 469 ‎(‎W‎)‎ x 335 ‎(‎D‎)‎ x 151 ‎(‎H‎)‎ mm
  • Weight‎:‎ Approx‎.‎ 4.6kg
  • Power requirements‎:‎ AC220 ‎- 240V ‎(‎50/60Hz‎)‎
  • Power consumption‎:‎ Scanning 19.9W or less‎,‎ Sleep Mode 2.5W or less‎,‎ Power Turned Off less than 0.5W
  • Operating environment‎:‎ 10 ‎- 32.5 °C ‎(‎50 ‎- 90.5 °F‎)‎‎,‎ Humidity‎:‎ 20 ‎- 80% RH

Scanning Specifications

  • Black and White ‎(‎A4‎,‎ 200dpi‎)‎‎:‎ ADF‎:‎ 20ppm / 36ipm
  • Colour ‎(‎A4‎,‎ 200dpi‎)‎‎:‎ ADF‎:‎ 10ppm / 18ipm
  • Output resolution‎:‎ 150 x 150dpi‎,‎ 200 x 200dpi‎,‎ 240 x 240dpi‎,‎ 300 x 300dpi‎,‎ 400 x 400dpi‎,‎ 600 x 600dpi‎,‎ 1200 x 1200dpi‎,‎ 2400 x 2400dpi
  • Output mode‎:‎ Black & White‎,‎ Error Diffusion‎,‎ Advanced Text Enhancement‎,‎ Advanced Text Enhancement II‎,‎ 8‎-bit Greyscale ‎(‎256‎-Level‎)‎‎,‎ 24‎-bit Colour
  • Suggested Daily Duty Cycle‎:‎ Approx 1000 scans/day

Document Specifications

  • Width‎:‎ ADF‎:‎ 51 ‎- 216mm‎,‎ Flatbed‎:‎ up to 216mm
  • Length‎:‎ ADF‎:‎ 89 ‎- 356mm‎,‎ Flatbed‎:‎ up to 356mm
  • Thickness‎:‎ ADF‎:‎ 35 ‎- 128g/m² ‎(‎0.05 ‎- 0.15mm‎)‎
  • Long document mode‎:‎ up to 1000mm
  • Card scanning‎:‎ Width‎:‎ 51mm Length‎:‎ 89mm Thickness 128 ‎- 209g/m²
  • Paper separation‎:‎ Retard Roller Method
  • Feeder capacity‎:‎ 50 sheets ‎(‎80g/m²‎)‎

Special Features

  • Automatic Page Size Detection‎,‎ Deskew‎,‎ Auto Colour Detection‎,‎ Text Enhancement‎,‎ Skip Blank Page‎,‎ Text Orientation‎,‎ MultiStream‎,‎ Preset Gamma Curve‎,‎ Prescan‎,‎ Edge Emphasis‎,‎ Colour Dropout ‎(‎RGB‎)‎‎,‎ Colour Enhancement ‎(‎RGB‎)‎‎,‎ Moire Reduction‎,‎ Character Emphasis‎,‎ Prevent Bleed Through/ Remove Background‎,‎ Remove Shadow‎,‎ Border Removal‎,‎ Erase Dot‎,‎ Erase Notch‎,‎ Punch Hole Removal‎,‎ Apply corrections for photos‎,‎ Double Feed Detection ‎(‎By Length‎)‎‎,‎ Automatic Feeder/Flatbed detection‎,‎ Rapid Recovery System

Bundled Software

  • Windows‎:‎ ISIS /TWAIN Driver ‎(‎Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 Server 2008/Server 2012‎)‎‎,‎ CaptureOnTouch 3‎,‎ EMC Captiva Cloud Runtime Controls

What‎'‎s in the box

  • Scanner
  • Setup Disc
  • Setup Guide
  • Power Adapter
  • Power Cable
  • USB Cable
المواصفات الأساسية
  • Type‎:‎ Desktop Type Flatbed Scanner with ADF
  • Scanning sensor unit‎:‎ CMOS CIS 1 Line Sensor
  • Optical resolution‎:‎ 600dpi/1200dpi
  • Light source‎:‎ RGB LED
  • Interface‎:‎ High speed USB 2.0
  • Black and White ‎(‎A4‎,‎ 200dpi‎)‎‎:‎ ADF‎:‎ 20ppm / 36ipm
  • Colour ‎(‎A4‎,‎ 200dpi‎)‎‎:‎ ADF‎:‎ 10ppm / 18ipm
  • Suggested Daily Duty Cycle‎:‎ Approx 1000 scans/day
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1 Year
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Product Dimensions
Tray Opened‎:‎ 469 ‎(‎W‎)‎ x 335 ‎(‎D‎)‎ x 151 ‎(‎H‎)‎ mm
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