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Name: EMS Remote Control Abdominal Muscle Trainer 6 Modes Fitness Tool Body Building

Model: 752779
Product Description
Material: Plastic
Color: Black + Orange Edge
Size: 17x17cm
Power: AAA * 2 (Batteries Not Included)
Frequency: 1-100HZ
Using mode: 6 modes
Working time: 12 minutes
Oupout: 9.8mA

● The low frequency treatment is by rhythm and soft impetus
● Choice by 6 modes with simple operation
● Muscle Stimulation Fat Burning
● Simple, fitness is more effective

What is EMS?
EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is through the current stimulation, directly to the signal to muscle, to promote muscle movement.

Advanced and smart technology brings you new way to do training

+ Sports lovers
+ Fitness Enthusiasts
+ Commuters, White collars, no time for gyming
+ Lose weight faste and more

Package include:
● 1 x Abdominal Pad with Remote Controller
● 1 x Manual

Not to be used the equipment in the following conditions, it may lead to accident or case malfunction to the machine, and bring serious damage to the body.
1. use the rhythm of the regulator, and in internal transplantation type electronic insturments for medical use
2. patients with epilepsy
3. had had washed recently.
4. Not to be used this equipment when driving or operating machine.
5. Blood circulation disorder patients.
6. Pregnant women and postpartum women
7. patients with cancer.
8. Skin is not suitable for the use of hydrogel pad
9. the area of ejection fraction.
10. Equipment and remote can not be placed in the microwave oven, or close to the fire, it may cause malfunction to the machine.


المواصفات الرئيسية

  • Voltage:3V DC(2 x AAA Batteries)
  • Working Time:12 Minutes
  • Features:Adjustable
  • Muscle Trainer Tool
  • Working time: 12 minutes
  • Lose weight faste and more
  • Muscle Shaping

محتويات العبوه

  • 1 x Abdominal Pad with Remote Controller
  • 1 x Manual


  • اللون: Black
  • الخامه الرئيسية: N/A
  • الحجم (طولx عرضx ارتفاع سم): 22 x 19 x 2.3

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Universal EMS Abdominal Toning Belt

Universal EMS Abdominal Toning Belt

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