Generic 5 Accessories Silicone Case Anti Lost Strap Eartips Carabiner Buckle for Apple AirPods Earphone

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AirPods protective Case‎:‎
1‎,‎Protect your AirPods against bumps‎,‎ drops and shock without adding bulk to your charging case‎,‎ provides full protection for your AirPods Charging Case
2‎,‎Made of durable impact‎-resistant silicone rubber‎.‎ It brings super thin feelings‎,‎ and offers wonderful grip‎.‎ The case will not get deformed after taking it off and putting it back on many times because it is highly flexible and can against bumps‎.‎
3‎,‎Flexible wrap‎-around design for an easy‎,‎ user‎-friendly installation‎.‎ It Perfectly matches with your AirPods shape‎.‎ Plus with anti‎-slip bars on the two sides‎.‎ It is the most secure and slim way to carry your AirPods around‎.‎
4‎,‎Easy access to the charging port‎.‎

Carabiner hook‎:‎
Aluminum alloy hook‎,‎meet your requirement of going out and Anti‎-Lost‎.‎

1‎,‎made of silicone‎,‎ soft and comfortable‎.‎
2‎,‎Lightweight‎,‎ easy to carry‎.‎
3‎,‎Dont worry about headset dropping‎,‎ enjoying sports‎.‎
4‎,‎ Thickness only 0.5 mm‎.‎ Applicable to for airpods and for iPone6‎-X‎.‎ Comfortable to wear‎,‎ no damage to you skin‎.‎

Anti‎-Lost Strap‎:‎
1‎,‎Simply connect your for Airpods to the strap‎.‎
2‎,‎you will find this anti‎-lost strap helps a lot in your daily commuting‎,‎ walking‎,‎ running‎,‎ sports ect‎.‎

Anti‎-Lost Holder‎:‎
Easy to use and grips your Airpods safely‎.‎
Designed to fit for Apple AirPods and EarPods‎.‎
Made of durable‎,‎ soft silicone material for long lasting comfort‎.‎
The detachable leather cord snap attach your Airpod holder to carrying bags‎,‎ pants and secure against drops‎,‎ shock‎,‎ loss and thefts‎,‎ you can also wear your airpods around your neck or on your smart watch band‎.‎
Take your AirPods with you during all activities‎:‎ running‎,‎ jogging‎,‎ skating‎,‎ snowboarding‎,‎ cycling‎,‎ fitness‎,‎ gym‎,‎ hiking‎,‎ climbing‎,‎ skiing‎,‎ fishing‎,‎ camping and more‎!‎


1‎,‎Suit for‎:‎ For Airpods Earphone
2‎,‎Material‎:‎ Made Of High Quality Soft Silicone
3‎,‎Function‎:‎Protection Shock‎-Proof + Scratch‎-Resistant + Dust‎-proof + Waterproof

Package included‎:‎
1x Silicone protective case for Airpods
1x Anti‎-lost Strap for Airpods
1x Anti‎-lost Holder for Airpods
1x Silicone Eartips
1x Carabiner Buckle
Note‎:‎AirPods is not included
المواصفات الأساسية
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable and practical
  • Top Sales Item
مواصفات ال 5 Accessories Silicone Case Anti Lost Strap Eartips Carabiner Buckle for Apple AirPods Earphone
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