Generic Bactocres Womens Casual Loose Chiffon Short Tulip Sleeve Blouse Shirt Tops HP/M

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    • معدل تجهيز الطلبات 2.0 (أقل من المتوسط)
    • جودة المنتج 4.0 (أعلى من المتوسط)
    • سرعة الشحن 5.0 (أعلى من المتوسط)
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1PC Womens
Casual Loose Chiffon Short Tulip Sleeve Blouse Shirt Tops

 NOTE‎:‎ Please compare the detail sizes with yours before you buy‎!‎‎!‎‎!‎ Use similar
clothing to compare with the size‎.‎





SpecificsSizeFree SizeMLXLXXLCMINCMINCMINCMINCMIN Bust ‎-‎- ‎-‎-9035.4 ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- Shoulder ‎-‎- ‎-‎-3513.8 ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- Sleeve ‎-‎- ‎-‎-52.0 ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- Waist ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎-Length ‎-‎- ‎-‎- Front‎:‎59Back‎:‎65 Front‎:‎23.2 Back‎:‎25.6 ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- ‎-‎- MaterialChiffon ColorHot Pink Weight 80GPackage include1PC Shirt


‎!‎ Attention

For transportation needs‎,‎ the dress that you‎'‎ve received will have
a fold phenomenon‎.‎ Please don‎'‎t worry‎,‎ this fold situation will
disappear after the first time you clear or ironing‎.‎

‎!‎ About

Pictures are only samples for reference‎.‎ Due to limitations in
photography and the inevitable differences in monitor settings‎,‎ the
colors shown in the photograph may not correspond 100% to those in the
items themselves‎.‎

‎!‎ About

All dimensions are measured by hand‎,‎ there may be 2‎-3cm deviations‎.‎ Please
ignore the tag size comes with the cloth‎.‎ The tag size sometimes can be
a larger than our description size because those are for Chinese‎.‎ We are
1 or 2 sizes smaller than European and American people‎.‎

المواصفات الأساسية
  • It is made of high quality materials‎,‎durable enought for your daily wearing
  • Stylish and fashion design make you more attractive
  • Perfect Match with your favorite shorts‎,‎leggings‎,‎ black slacks‎,‎ denim jeans‎,‎ etc
  • Great for Daily‎,‎Casual‎,‎Sport‎,‎I am sure you will like it‎!‎
مواصفات ال Bactocres Womens Casual Loose Chiffon Short Tulip Sleeve Blouse Shirt Tops HP/M
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