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moves kittens electronic cattoys flipping wagging

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مواصفات المنتج

  • Electric Cat Toy: The Jumping cat toy built-in switch and comes with USB port, kitten toys will flopping automatically, this action can attract your cat play with it.
  • USB Rechargeable and Washable: Our wagging cat toy can be charged by USB, USB cable is included in the package, which can avoid trouble and save the cost of replace the battery, and the detachable motor helps to make cleaning easier!
  • Cat Dog Toys: Interactive pet toy made of tear-resistant plush with stuffed pp cotton. The texture is soft, comfortable and , and no any hazardous substances inside.
  • Realistic Design: Realistic shape design, while the natural moving of the will stimulate your instincts and chew it. Make a lot of fun between you and your cat.
  • Favorite Gift for Cats: Jumping cat toy is a great gift for your cat.


المواصفات الرئيسية

  • Material: Plush, PP cotton
  • Size: approx. 36x20x6.5cm/14.17x7.87x2.56inch
  • Material: Plush, PP cotton

محتويات العبوه

1 Piece Electronic Jumping Cat Toy1 Piece USB Cable


  • الموديل: N/A
  • بلد الصنع: China
  • الحجم (طولx عرضx ارتفاع سم): 27.00 x 23.22 x 7.77
  • اللون: Pink
  • الخامه الرئيسية: Plush

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moves kittens electronic cattoys flipping wagging

moves kittens electronic cattoys flipping wagging

669.00 جنيه
937.00 جنيه29%

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