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Rechargeable electric nose hair trimmer for men and women

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مواصفات المنتج

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  • Convenient trimming tool: electric nose hair clipper, detachable body design, scraper head, easy to disassemble. 360-degree round head, shaving in all directions. The high-speed motor is powerful and trims neatly without leaving any residue.
  • Easy to clean: washable and removable for easy cleaning and maintenance, just rinse the head with running water.
  • USB smart charging: supports car USB, mobile power supply, notebook, and power adapter, and can be used continuously for a month on a single charge.
  • Perfect Gift: Best choice for husband, boyfriend, father, elders, family or friends.
  • PORTABLE SIZE: Nose hair trimmer for men or women, easy to put in your toiletry bag, suitable for carrying or traveling.

    • Material: ABS metal
    • Head: stainless steel (washable)
    • Power supply: USB charging
    • Function: Trim nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows, sideburns, etc.
    • 1. Due to long-distance transportation, please charge it for 30 minutes before use when you receive it. Thank you!
    • 2. This product is a personal product that comes into direct contact with the skin. Please do not lend it to others!
    • 3. Please clean it with a brush after use, or remove the head and wash or disinfect it with water. Please dry it after washing to avoid rust!


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    المواصفات الرئيسية

    • The fence-type open scraper adopts a 360° open design to capture nose hair, capture and eliminate excess hair of different lengths and directions, and is clean and comfortable to use.
    • Rest assured and safe, the R-shaped round scraper can remove sharp hair without damaging the skin.
    • Using high-quality bearings, long service life.
    • The fast permanent magnet high-speed motor can not only shave thick nose hair quickly and avoid pulling, but also reduce noise.

    محتويات العبوه

    • 1 * trimmer
    • 1 * data cable
    • 1*Dust cover
    • 1* brush


    • خط الإنتاج: Audebiao boutique
    • بلد الصنع: China
    • اللون: Black
    • الخامه الرئيسية: plastic
    • نوع المتجر: Jumia Mall

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    Rechargeable electric nose hair trimmer for men and women

    Rechargeable electric nose hair trimmer for men and women

    2,151.75 جنيه
    3,308.85 جنيه35%

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