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Large Jumia Branded Fliers. Suitable for packaging large items or multiple items. Buy packaging solutions and material online from Jumia and enjoy secure and convenient online shopping and nationwide delivery.

Fits: A set of 50 plastic bags that suit for more than 1 piece of clothes and shoes; each bag measures 60*50 cm. It's designed with a plastic flim frame for self-closure as well as an integrated transparent pocket for keeping the Airway Bill.

Guideline: The image comparison gives an idea of what fits into the packaging material. It is important to follow our packaging guidelines to ensure quality service.

Note: Order confirmed for verified Jumia vendors only.


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  • Order Using Email Address in your "Seller Account Information"
  • Note: Order confirmed for verified Jumia vendors only
  • Additional item(s) in image not included
  • 60*50 cm
  • White
  • 50 pieces
  • Fits: for more than 1 piece of clothes and shoes
  • NOTE: See Description or packaging guidelines for more details


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Jumia Large Transparent Flyers – 50 Pcs

Jumia Large Transparent Flyers – 50 Pcs

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