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Mintra لانش بوكس دائري - 150 ملل - أخضر منت

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Delivery جنيه 10.83 (free delivery if order above جنيه 200.00)
يتم التوصيل من يوم ‎ ٠٢ أبريل‎ عند الطلب خلال ‎10hrs 46mins

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Mintra is a family run business established in 1989. We believe in providing accessible quality goods with the best value for money. This situation has always defined our corporate culture and will continue to provide a firm foundation for our success.

We prioritise trust

We continuously strive for close cooperation with our valued customers to ensure that Mintra is a trusted brand by providing products of the highest and most reliable qualities, competitive prices and above all an exceptional service.

Rather than being content with short-lived success, we aim for a long-term relationship. Our policy is to be satisfied only when the customer is satisfied. A happy customer really does translate into a happy business.

We are innovative

Mintra stands for continuous innovation and successful ideas management on a large scale. Our employees are always encouraged to think creatively and are prepared to tackle any technical challenges. We invest considerable sums in R&D, putting us in a position to set new trends and explore new paths.

Highest quality in everything we do

Our products must always measure up to the standards associated with the Mintra name, and to which we give top priority: the best possible quality at the most affordable prices. Providing value for money is extremely important to us. To ensure that our products are manufactured to this high-quality standard, we invest in the modernisation of our production facilities. Our product development team works meticulously to ensure that every Mintra product is unique in its design, performance, and quality.


المواصفات الرئيسية

  • Name: Round Lunch Box - 150 ML
  • Color: Mint Green
  • Material: plastic


  • الموديل: 400-009-473
  • اللون: N/A
  • الخامه الرئيسية: plastic
  • نوع المتجر: Jumia Mall

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‎ 7 ‎ تقييمات موثقة للمنتج

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٠٩-٠٢-٢٠٢٣بواسطه ‎Marwa‎
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Mintra لانش بوكس دائري - 150 ملل - أخضر منت

Mintra لانش بوكس دائري - 150 ملل - أخضر منت

جنيه 7.60
جنيه 8.005%
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