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ORAL-B ORAL-B OXYJET Electric Toothbrush

جنيه 995.00
جنيه 1,750.0043%
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الشحن جنيه 10.83
جاهز للاستلام بين يوم ‎٠٦ يوليو‎ و يوم ‎٠٧ يوليو‎ عند الطلب في غضون ‎14hrs 40mins

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2 years

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معدل سرعه توصيل الطلب: متوسط

تقييم الجودة: جيد

تقييم العملاء: جيد

مواصفات المنتج

Braun Oral-B MD20 Oral Health Center OxyJet Technology

imageTechnical Specifications:Oral-B Oxyjet Is An Irrigator That Helps Maintain Oral Hygiene.Oral-B Oxyjet Uses Filtered, Compressed Air, Which In Combination With Water Creates Microbubbles, Which In Turn Fight Against Bacteria Responsible For The Formation Of Plaque.imageThe Effect Of Microbubbles Significantly Reduces Gum Problems If The Irrigator Is Used In Conjunction With A Specialist Toothpaste.imageIrrigator Has The Function Of Water Pressure Control, From Level 1 (Low Pressure) To Level 5 (High Pressure), Adapted To Individual Needs.imageOxyjet Also Has A Large Water Reservoir (600 Ml), To Which You Can Add Mouthwash.imageThe Special Jet Switch Nozzle Switch Allows You To Change The Flow From Rotary To Straight And Vice Versa.Professional Irrigator For Oral Hygiene.imageMicrobubbles Remove Plaque And Care For The Gums.Designed To Fight Bacteria And Leave A Feeling Of Purity And Freshness In The Mouth.Jet Switch Nozzle Switch For 2 Types Of Streams.A Specially Designed Filter Cleans Air That Mixes With Water Before It Reaches The Nozzle.Easy To Use.


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  • نظام تنظيف اوكسي جت
  • مميزات : تكنولوجيا OxyJet تعزز المياه
  • بفقاعات صغيرة لتساعد على تحسين صحة اللثة 
  • المحتويات : نظام تنظيف اوكسي جت  4
  •  رؤوس اوكسي جت


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4 out of 5

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4 out of 5

Good for the price

Good product but not as powerful as Panasonic or Waterpik water flossers.

٢٨-٠٤-٢٠٢٢بواسطه ‎EHAB‎
شراء موثق
ORAL-B ORAL-B OXYJET Electric Toothbrush

ORAL-B ORAL-B OXYJET Electric Toothbrush

جنيه 995.00
جنيه 1,750.0043%
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