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The reason the Quantum Pendant works is due to the fact that it contains deep earth minerals that you find in volcanic lava‎.‎ Hence why volcanic lava is known to present so many health benefits‎.‎ These deep earth minerals project out electrons in abundance‎.‎ These electrons have a negative charge which is a good thing as it helps ground the body and literally energize us‎.‎ 
Now before I go on I want to ask you something‎.‎ Have you ever heard of earthing‎?‎ It’s the act of going barefoot and walking on the earth ‎(‎soil‎,‎ sand‎,‎ etc‎)‎‎.‎ Many people report improved health as a result of it‎.‎ The reason WHY this works is because the earth is emitting electrons at all times but we need to touch the earth with our bare skin in order to receive these electrons‎.‎
Now Guess What‎?‎ If you’re wearing shoes all day you’re getting 0 that’s ZERO electrons from the earth into your body‎!‎ What does that mean‎?‎ Well you’re going to suffer from the wrath of positive ions which are “bad” electrons which we receive into our bodies from man made electrical devices such as cell phones‎,‎ computers‎,‎ TVs‎,‎ power lines‎,‎ your fridge‎,‎ stove etc etc‎.‎ I really don’t need to go on because you see where I’m going with this‎.‎ 
You are DEPRIVED of healthy electrons and are being bombarded with unnatural‎,‎ unhealthy electrons‎.‎ This goes on every day and builds continually until you ground yourself‎.‎ However you need to ground yourself DAILY and ideally REPEATEDLY to neutralize the negative effects of these electrons‎.‎So what’s the solution‎?‎ The Quantum Pendant‎.‎Why is that‎?‎ Because it emits negative ions 24/7 and will never stop‎.‎ It’s earth based electrons are sent directly into your body‎.‎ 

The Quantum Pendant can benefit anyone who is exposed to electronic devices daily‎.‎ Anyone who wears shoes all day outside‎.‎ Anyone who lives in an urban environment‎.‎ Anyone who doesn’t make contact with the natural earth frequently throughout the day‎!‎ 
You will Have MORE Energy You will Feel MORE Relaxed You will Have MORE Concentration Essentially EVERY side effect you are experiencing as a result of technology will be reduced‎.‎Think about how you feel when you walk barefoot on a beach or take a walk through nature ‎(‎where there is an abundance of negatively charged electrons‎)‎‎.‎ Now consider the fact that you could wear or carry something with you every day that can give you a piece of that‎.‎ Wouldn’t it be worth having‎?‎ How many unknown symptoms are you suffering from‎?‎ How much better could you feel‎?‎ Health isn’t about dramatic immediate shifts but gradual changes for better or for worse‎.‎ 

Our technological laden environments have gradually reduced our overall health to levels that are we have just become numb or jaded to‎.‎ We almost don’t REALIZE how much better we SHOULD be feeling‎.‎Do you ever find it odd that you feel so much healthier in nature‎?‎ You assume it’s just the air‎?‎ Did you know that FRESH‎,‎ healthy air is like that BECAUSE of the negatively charged electrons in the air‎.‎ Take them away and nature wouldn‎'‎t have nearly as much of the invisible draw that it does‎.‎ So in a nutshell a Quantum Pendant provides relief from numerous symptoms while giving you a defense against the modern electronic world we surround ourselves in‎.‎ A Quantum Pendant is truly the only real protection we have in our modern world against our ever growing technological bubble‎.‎
المواصفات الأساسية
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes clumping of cells
  • Improves circulation
  • Enhances the immune and endocrine systems
  • Enhances cellular nutrition uptake and detoxification
  • Enhances cellular permeability
  • Increases energy
  • Protects DNA from damage
  • Slows the aging process
  • Promotes better focus and concentration
  • Prevents electron‎-magnetic waves from affecting your health
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1X Quantum Pendant
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