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Tresemme Strength & Fall Control Shampoo 400ml

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Delivery جنيه 10.83 (free delivery if order above جنيه 200.00)
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The TRESemme Strength & Fall Control hair treatment range is specifically designed for hair fall remedies to strengthen and repair your hair. Everyday styling can take a toll on your hair especially with heat appliances reaching temperatures of up to a scorching 230 °C! The Strength & Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner system with the power of biotin nourishes the hair from root to tip to help restructure the hair fibre and fortify it. This results in your hair growing 3x stronger and visibly less hair loss. Enjoy silky smooth and healthy-looking hair today. Enabling you to achieve a hair look that is natural, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that it’s also protected from everyday styling in the future. Start strengthening your hair by first applying TRESemme Strength hair fall shampoo. Work into a lather by gently massaging your scalp and roots and then rinse thoroughly. To maximize the benefits, apply TRESemme Strength & Fall Control conditioner and follow by applying a heat protector before styling. TRESemme delivers professional-quality and trend-inspired products so that you can get the power of gorgeous hair every day. Like our tips and haircare products? Leave a review on our website and eCommerce platform. *Hair fall reduction due to breakage with regular Strength & Fall Control system usage vs non-conditioning shampoo.


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  • TRESemme Strength & Fall Control Shampoo is a Strengthening conditioner designed to nourish and repair your hair
  • The power of biotin is the secret behind nourishing and styling hair from root to tip
  • The best shampoo that protects each strand against damage for gorgeously smooth, ready-to-style hair.
  • Our strengthening shampoo helps restructure the hair fibres and fortify it.
  • TRESemme Strength & Fall Control system is the best shampoo which is formulated to nourish hair from root to tip, for 3x stronger hair, no more breakage.
  • Maximize your results and make use of the full range of TRESemme Strength & Fall Control shampoo and conditioner products.


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‎ 31 ‎ تقييمات موثقة للمنتج

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٢٥-١٢-٢٠٢٢بواسطه ‎Sherif Salama‎
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4 out of 5

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١٤-٠٨-٢٠٢١بواسطه ‎امل‎
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5 out of 5

i love it

I love good smell and it is below perfect when it comes to smell

٢٦-٠٦-٢٠٢١بواسطه ‎Passant‎
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Tresemme Strength & Fall Control Shampoo 400ml

Tresemme Strength & Fall Control Shampoo 400ml

جنيه 70.00
جنيه 130.0046%
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