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UiiSii UiiSii سماعة أذن لاسلكية TWS 21 - أبيض

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مواصفات المنتج

                                          UiiSii Earbuds TWS 21 

UiiSii Earbuds TWS 21 - WhiteCharging On The Go

Independent use one earbud while charge the other one. In this way, it can reach an up to 6 hours no-stop calling time a day.

Immersive Listening Experience

Bluetooth®5 + Stereo Audio DAC+Smart Dynamic Gain

Keep Distance

Up to 40ft(12M) steady wireless range

Touching Control

Lots of options for example from answering calls to waking up Siri or Google can be done easily by tapping the earbuds.

Dancing In The Rain

plasma sprayed nanostructured ceramic coating-IPX5 Water-resistance

Ergonomic Fit For Everyone

We tested thousands of ears! No matter how hard you shake, it just won't fall out.

Thumbnail video

The sound you can see.

The sound audio engineers of UiiSii never hide that they are talented. The beautiful timbre comes from 13mm Speaker in UiiSii SongBirds Semi In-Ear makes you almost forget that you are experiencing a pair of budget wireless earbuds.

Immersive sound.

3D surround sound

Build-in DAC for beautiful timbre

Micro AMP module for HD Audios

Acoustic Wave Guide Damper


المواصفات الرئيسية

  • Brand : UiiSii 
  • Model : TWS 21
  • Device Type : TWS Headphones
  • Connectivity : Wireless
  • Color : White


  • الموديل: TWS21
  • اللون: White

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UiiSii UiiSii سماعة أذن لاسلكية TWS 21 - أبيض

UiiSii UiiSii سماعة أذن لاسلكية TWS 21 - أبيض

جنيه 719.00
جنيه 777.007%
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