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Enjoy Your Automotive

Car industry has been always one of the most important industries around the world. Indeed, ensuring safety is considered an inseparable aspect during any car manufacturing process. The safer the car is, the more valuable it is. In Jumia, we understand how cars are becoming a necessity for everyone in Egypt. Hence, we offer all accessories, tools, and power & electricity supplies you may need for your vehicle, car, or motorcycle. Enjoy a wide assortment of products with the best price and specifications in Egypt.

Have a Safe Ride

Whether you have a car, van, truck, or used cars, you can find all car essentials which you need to enjoy your ride. Get your all car accessories and tools, car spare parts, car audio & video online from one place. Also, we care much about you and your family safety, so we do not want you to worry anymore. You can find portable tires inflator devices which will save you time and effort. This is besides car monitor devices, wheel clamp, HD vision glasses, and car distance detection systems, and cooling radiator. Regarding car cleansing which is considered a hassle for most people, we provide vacuum cleaners, and brushes which are easy to use. We also offer wide range of car covers which can keep your car clean even in bad weather conditions. For those who can’t keep their mobiles away, we provide car wheel phone holder to enjoy long talks while driving. In order to have an awesome driving experience, you can find a wide variety of speakers, amplifiers, portable TV, car camera, and navigation systems.

Motorcycles Fans, Be Ready!

For motorcycle fans, be ready to enjoy your safe ride, or to live a thrilling experience in motor racing. You can find all what you need for your vehicle like protective gears such as helmets, repair sets, hand gloves, multi-user tools, bike accessories, Bluetooth headsets, and many more. For power electricity, we provide a huge variety of batteries, head lamps, electric generators, jump emergency batteries, and adaptors. With all of that, you no longer need to go to offline shops, waste your time and efforts, and suffer from jammed roads to buy your needs.