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There are four types of bikes that you can choose from your next bike, and your decision should be based on what you expect from your riding activity. DO you want to be a professional bike rider? Or do you want to take it as a hobby? Answering these questions will give you a clear idea of what you need and the specifications of this specific bike. 1- Road Bikes: They are designed for paved streets and could go to high speeds. The Road bicycles very thin tires, and very light frames. If you choose to buy a road bicycle you will be riding it bent forward over the handlebars. These bikes are made for long distance travelling and races. Companies like BMX make great Road Bikes, BMX road bikes are trusted by many professional riders all over the world. 2- Mountain Bikes: they have become very popular over the past years. They have wide tires and stout frames and they are made to handle rugged and hard routes without disintegrating. However, Mountain bikes are not as fast as road bikes, but they are more comfortable while riding and more durable. Usually mountain bikes are the choice for many people with back problems. Giant Bikes is a great brand that makes sturdy mountain bicycles. Many bike shops choose to sell mountain bikes as they are the number one choice for many professional bikers. 3- Hybrid Bikes, they combine between features from mountain and road bikes, they are suitable for riding on short trips on a rugged surface. 4- Cruisers Bicycles: they have wide seats and wide tires and they are usually used on the beach. Bikers in Egypt prfere this kind of bikes specially when riding on Egypt’s splendid beaches. Also many bicycle adventure lovers prefer to bike adventure club or Egypt’s biker zone. And if you want to buy bicycles in Egypt you should shop online to find many well-known brands for professional and amateur riders such as; Trek Bikes.