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Salad dressing is a sauce made from different combined ingredients including mayonnaise or olive oils to create a topping or flavoring which is then mixed into salads. Condiments, on the other hand, are sauces that are added to food on the table to enhance flavor, the likes of mustard and ketchup. Jumia Egypt stocks a variety of salad dressing and condiments from trusted food companies which include Choice, Crystal, Wadi Food and Imtenan.

Healthy Salad Dressing on Jumia Egypt

Extra virgin olive oil combined with spices and herbs such as garlic are used to make different salad dressing. Other common ingredients include eggs and mayonnaise. Some dressings come already prepare which can include things like, thousand island dressing, for example. Browse through our site for different types of dressings and we assure you that whatever you are looking for, be it spinach salad dressing or Asian salad dressing, you will find it here.

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Salads don’t have to be boring, the taste can be improved greatly by including a healthy salad dressing. Shop for healthy low-calorie salad dressing via Jumia Egypt. Make your order today, pay conveniently online or cash on delivery.