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Cooking and Baking Ingredients Online

Cake Flour, Bread Flour & Rye Flour

Baking and cooking is a beautiful experience if you have the right ingredients. Jumia Egypt stocks a wide range of baking and cooking ingredients all from trusted brands which include Abu Auf, Vitrac, Nestle, Kunuz and Halk. Browse through our site for baking ingredients such as syrups, dried fruits, condensed milk and flour. Discover, also, cooking ingredients such as cooking oils and vinegars. Shop for your groceries conveniently on Jumia Egypt and have your order delivered to your home or office.

Order Sweeteners and Baking Nuts

Sweeteners can be used to make juices, teas and are also added in pastries and cakes to improve taste. To buy different sweeteners online, check under the sugar and sweetener category, where we have both natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners. Browse and shop for honey, maple syrup and natural sweeteners at low and affordable prices. Apart from sweeteners, you can get nuts, dried fruits and raisins which are used for baking to add nutritional value. Order pistachio, walnuts and hazelnuts online from our site.

Shop All-Purpose Flour Cooking Oils

The most important ingredient when baking is the baking flour. Check out our wheat flour collection where we have different flours including whole wheat flour, cake flour, bread flour and rye flour. Other baking and cooking ingredients include cooking oils and powder milk. For all your grocery need, shop conveniently with Jumia Egypt.